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Treecyle Your Tree!

Tired of Your Tinsel? Give your unflocked* tree a new life by recycling it after this holiday season!

3 Ways to Treecyle
  1. Pickup:

Residents who subscribe to curbside food & yard waste collection service can cut their unflocked tree until it fits in their closed container. Remove the stand, tinsel, decorations and any nails or staples.

  2. Pickup:

In some neighborhoods, youth and scouting groups pick up unflocked trees from the curb for a donation.

  • Bainbridge Island residents can make an online reservation to have Troop 1564 pick up trees on Jan. 7th. More information at

  • Some North Kitsap neighborhoods will receive a door flyer advertising the North Kitsap Vikings Baseball team's tree pickup fundraiser on Jan. 7th.

  • East Bremerton & Silverdale residents should call or email Boy Scout Troop 1541 to request a curbside pickup. All requests must be received before Friday, December 30th. Contact the troop to ask about pickup dates and donation instructions. Call 360.434.1394 or email

  • McCormick Woods residents can contact Boy Scout Troop 1528 to request a curbside pickup. Contact the troop directly to learn the pickup date and donation instructions.

  Email to add your group’s fundraiser to this list.

  3. Drop Off:

Residents can also take unflocked trees to a recycling site below. Some sites are free and other have a small fee or donation (typically $5 or less). Remove the stand, tinsel, decorations, and any nails or staples.

Contact the businesses below to verify their tree recycling fee and holiday hours. The information below is intended for residents only, is subject to change, and does not constitute an endorsement by Kitsap County.


Bainbridge Island Transfer Station
7215 Vincent Rd.
Wednesday through Sunday, 10am - 4pm.
Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day.
Contact to verify hours and fees

Tilz Soils and Compost
12112 Miller Rd. NE
Monday to Friday, 8-4:30pm; Saturday
Contact to verify hours and fees


City of Bremerton Public Works
100 Oyster Bay Ave. N (West Bremerton)
Only between Dec. 26th - Jan 20th; 24/7
Free. Residents only. No overstock from
tree lots, farms, or stores.

City of Bremerton Water Utility Building

3027 Olympus Dr. (East Bremerton)
Only between Dec 26th - Jan 20th; 24/7

Free. Residents only.
No overstock from tree lots, farms, or stores.

Fundraiser: Boy Scout Troop 1539

VFW Post 4992
9981 Central Valley Rd. (East Bremerton)
Only on Jan. 8th between 8am-4pm 
Suggested donation: $15.00
If you purchased a tree from this troop, you receive discounted recycling

Fundraiser: Boy Scout Troop 1541
Taco Bell (Silverdale)
Only on 12/31, 1/7, and 1/8 10am-4pm
Suggested donation: $5.00

Olmsted Tree Farms: Kitsap Mall Lot
South end of Sear's parking lot (Silverdale)
Dates to be announced
Only on Dec. 30th & Dec. 31st; 9am-4pm
Fee: $5 (cash or check only)


Fundraiser: NKHS Viking Baseball Team
Central Market Poulsbo
20148 10th Ave. NE
Only on Jan. 7th & 8th, 9am-5pm
Suggested donation: $5.00

Olmsted Tree Farms
Poulsbo Tree Farms
17526 Clear Creek Rd NW
Only on Dec. 30th, Dec. 31st, Jan. 1st,
and Jan. 7th; 9am-4pm

Fee: $5.00 (cash or check only)

Olympic Organics
7890 Ecology Rd.
Monday through Saturday 8am-4:30pm.
Closed noon on Christmas Eve through Jan. 2.

Fee: $3.75

Williams Wood Recycling
12139 Brownsville Hwy NE
Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm and
first Saturday, 9am-1pm. Closed Dec. 24th-Jan.2.

NK Relay for Life Fundraiser Day:
Recycle tree for donation on January 7th,
9am-3:30pm. Contact to verify fees on other days


The Wreath Works
15384 Glenwood Rd. SW
Every day, 9am-Dark

North Mason Fiber
NE 431 Log Yard Rd.
Monday through Friday, 7am-4pm.
Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day.
Contact to verify fee

What happens to the recycled trees?

Trees are chipped into mulch or compost at a variety of local facilities. Treecycling helps save valuable landfill space and the compost is used to enhance soils, save water, and reduce use of chemical fertilizers.

*Flocked trees cannot be recycled and must be disposed of as garbage. Wreaths and garland can be recycled only if you are able to remove all wire, plastic pieces, and non-biodegradable pieces.


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