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Our ongoing series of in-depth coverage of the four divisions of the Auditor’s Office continues in this issue of Beyond the Books with Licensing. I hope you appreciate learning about each of our divisions, the services we provide and the staff that makes it happen.

Licensing Division
The county Licensing Division is a contract agent of the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). Our primary services are issuing vehicle and vessel tabs, processing title transfers, and issuing new and replacement license plates. Tabs are issued annually when a vehicle’s registration is renewed and title transfers are processed when ownership changes hands. There are three convenient ways to renew your vehicle and vessel tabs: online, in person or by mail.

We license a wide range of outdoor recreational vehicles including motorcycles, snowmobiles, horse and utility trailers, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, campers, and travel trailers. A complete list of vehicle categories and associated costs is available here.

Our entire licensing staff is state certified which is a requirement of serving as a licensing clerk. Certification includes training, a minimum of three months experience, accumulation of 1,800-work hours, passing a written test, and ongoing education and training. When you visit our office, you are assured of receiving the highest level of customer service and expertise thanks to the certification program and experience of our staff.

Assistant Licensing and Recording Manager Kimberly Singer has been with us for 25 years. Licensing clerks Mary Duvall, Vicki Gagne and Jennifer Jamrog have worked in licensing for 26, 15 and 22 years respectively.

“I hear from repeat customers all the time who come to our office because of our years of experience, even though several of the services we provide are available online through the DOL,” Singer says.

Our office also issues Quick Titles, which allow customers to receive a vehicle title or certificate of ownership, immediately for an additional fee of $50. It’s much faster than a standard title, which can take several weeks to arrive in the mail. Clerks will also offer the option of donating to state parks; and purchasing a Discover Pass which is required when visiting one of the 20 state parks in and around Kitsap County and throughout the state.

The Licensing Division oversees five vehicle and vessel licensing sub-agencies which are conveniently located throughout the county and provide many of the same services – except Quick Titles – as our primary office in Port Orchard. We work extensively with each sub-agent to provide training and certification, inventory and annual review. Many of our sub-agencies are well known and liked in the community and have been in business for decades.

Additionally, the Licensing Division collects quarterly gambling taxes for establishments that provide card games, punch board/pull tabs and bingo. We also issue pet licenses for residents in unincorporated areas of the county. Licensing your pet helps assure it will be reunited with you if it should stray or become lost. To learn more visit:

Licensing Tips and Reminders
There are some important vehicle and vessel licensing tips and reminders that Kimberly and her staff want to share with you.

Our busiest office times are typically near the beginning and end of the month. This happens because many drivers mistakenly think tabs expire at the end of the month listed on your license plate sticker.

This was true for many years but is no longer the case. Vehicle tabs now expire on the expiration date listed on your registration. Drivers who are not aware of this change may be driving on expired tabs. Our office is also busy around holidays such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day, when families are planning road trips. Our advice is to check the expiration date on your vehicle registration and visit our office or a sub agency during off-peak hours or order your tabs online.

Another option is to use License Express, a fast, easy way to manage your driver’s license and all of your vehicle, trailer and boat licenses in one secure online service. You can sign up for License Express on the DOL’s website at

Another important reminder for those who have recently sold a vehicle is to immediately complete a Seller Report. As the seller, you’re responsible for filing the report of sale within five days of the sale. If you don’t file, you may be held liable for tolling bills, towing charges, and other civil or criminal liabilities incurred by the new owner. The new owner is responsible for transferring the title within 15 days of purchase.

Many boaters do not realize that all vessel tabs expire on June 30 of every year. Boat owners may renew their tabs up to six months in advance of the June 30 expiration date. The DOL no longer mails renewal notices to boat owners, however, Reminders by Email are available.

As you can see, the Licensing Division is a busy place that offers many services. Here are some interesting factoids to give you an idea of the volume of services we provide:

  • $19M gross revenue collected, which helps fund law enforcement, Puget Sound ferry operations, transportation improvements and other programs

  • 118,398 transactions processed by Auditor Licensing staff

  • 204,236 transactions processed by our five sub-agency offices

  • 45,775 internet license renewals processed by Auditor Licensing staff

  • 28,985 internet renewals processed by our five sub-agency offices

  • 974 Quick Titles processed

Thank you for taking time to read this edition of Beyond the Books and we look forward to serving you in our office or at one of our sub-agencies.

Get to know the Licensing Division. Staff pictures, videos and more are available here:

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