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Voter Data and Election Results

Request Voter Data
Orders may be placed by email, in person, or fax and may require up to three days to complete.



A signed affidavit that voter information will not be used for commercial purposes is required.

Information is provided in a tab-delimited text format that is easily imported into programs such as Excel, Access, SQL and other related databases.


  • There is no fee for data sent electronically.

  • Voter data sent by mail costs $0.15 per page, plus postage.

  • Payment must be received before the order is filled.

Data Options
Numerous data options are available:

  • District Choices: All districts and precincts within Kitsap County.

  • Report Types: Voting record, registered voters, and voters by district are among the many options.

  • Available Data: Name, address, political jurisdiction, gender, date of birth, voting record, date of registration, and registration number are available.

  • Confidential Data: Phone numbers and email addresses are confidential and not available for request.

Map Orders
District maps are available on our website or by email at no charge.

Printed maps are available in various sizes. Prices vary according to size:

  • $10 for District Maps up to 34 x 44 inches.

  • $2.50 for each 11 x 17 inch map.

  • $0.15 for each 8.5 x 11 inch Precinct Map.

  • Maps sent by mail require $5 postage.

  • Payment must be received before the order is filled.

Election Results

Overall local election results dating back to 1998 are on our website:, then click 'Archive of Election Results.'


Precinct-level results going back to 2014 are available on the same site.
For precinct-level results from 2000-2013, contact our office.


For precinct-level election results prior to 2000, and for overall local election results prior to 1998, contact Washington State Archives:

Statewide Election Results
Statewide election results from 1900 to present are available on the Secretary of State’s website:


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