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August 19, 2008 Primary
Ballot Measure

City of Bremerton
Proposition No. 1
Emergency Medical Care and Services Tax

Shall the City of Bremerton, be authorized to continue its emergency medical services property tax levy at fifty cents ($.50) or less per One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) of assessed valuation for each year for six (6) consecutive years commencing in 2009?



(City of Bremerton Resolution No. 3059)

2007 Turnout 7,474            40% - 2,990                 60% - 1,794

For approval, at least 1,794 must vote yes if fewer than 40% (2,990) turn out to vote.  If more than 40% (2,990) turn out to vote, 60% or more of those voting must vote YES for the measure to pass.

Last Updated:  July 16, 2014

Dolores Gilmore
County Auditor (D)

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