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MAY 20, 2008 Special Election
Ballot Measure

 Kitsap County Fire Protection District No. 18
Proposition No. 1
Emergency Medical Services Property Levy

Shall Kitsap County Fire Protection District No. 18 (Poulsbo Fire Department) be authorized to continue its emergency medical services property tax levy at fifty (50) cents or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuation each year for six (6) consecutive years, commencing in 2009?
(Pursuant to RCW 84.52.069; District Resolution 08-04)



2007 Turnout 7,854            40% - 3,142                 60% - 1,885

For approval, at least 1,885 must vote yes if fewer than 40% (3,142) turn out to vote.  If more than 40% (3,142) turn out to vote, 60% or more of those voting must vote YES for the measure to pass.



Last Updated:  July 16, 2014

Dolores Gilmore
County Auditor (D)

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