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General Election - November 8, 2011
Local Ballot Measures

Kitsap County Proposition No. 1
Veterans and Human Services Levy

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners approved Resolution Nos. 123-2011 and 124-2011 concerning funding for veterans, health and human services. This proposition would fund capital facilities and services that reduce medical costs, homelessness and criminal justice system involvement, with half of the proceeds supporting veterans, military personnel and their families, and the other half supporting other families in need.  It would authorize Kitsap County to increase its projected regular property tax levy rate of $1.10 by up to 5 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation, to $1.15, for collection in 2012, with levy increases in each of the following five years limited as provided by chapter 84.55 RCW. Should this proposition be: (Pursuant to RCW 84.55.050 & BOCC Res. Nos. 123-2011 and 124-2011)



A simple majority is needed to pass this measure

City of Bremerton Proposition No. 1
Proposed Charter Amendment
to Reduce the Size of City Council

The Bremerton City Council adopted Resolution No. 3139, approving a proposition to be sent to the voters to amend the Bremerton City Charter reducing the size of the City Council.

If approved, this proposition amends the City Charter reducing the number of Council members and Council districts from nine to seven, and makes other related changes.  Council members elected in 2011 to represent current Council districts will serve two year terms. In 2013, the seven new Council districts, as redistricted, will elect new Council members. These Council members will initially serve staggered terms beginning in 2014.  Thereafter, all Council members shall serve four year terms. Should this proposition be:



A simple majority is needed to pass this measure

Formation of Port of Bainbridge Island
Proposition No. 1

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 110-2011 concerning formation of the Port of Bainbridge Island. If approved, this proposition would form the Port of Bainbridge Island, with boundaries coextensive with those of the City of Bainbridge Island and governed by a five-member Port Commission with members elected at large.  Should the Port of Bainbridge Island be formed? (Pursuant to RCW 53.04.023 & BOCC Res. No. 110-2011)

Port of Bainbridge Island    YES

Port of Bainbridge Island    NO

A simple majority is needed to pass this measure

Port of Tracyton Proposition No. 1
Enlargement of Port of Tracyton

This proposition concerns the enlargement of the Port of Tracyton. The proposition would authorize the Port of Tracyton to enlarge its existing geographical boundaries by annexing to the Port the territory legally described in Port of Tracyton Resolution No. 2011-01. Should this proposition be enacted into law? (Pursuant to RCW 53.04.080 and Port District Resolution No. 2011-01)

Enlargement of the Port of Tracyton, YES

Enlargement of the Port of Tracyton, NO

A simple majority is needed to pass this measure

Last Updated:  July 16, 2014

Dolores Gilmore
County Auditor (D)

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