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General Recording Information

County Auditors are “Recording Officers” or “Custodians of Records.” The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) statutes RCW 65 and RCW 36 define document requirements and fees to be charged for recording instruments in the state of Washington. Check, Cash or Money Order are acceptable forms of payment.  Credit Cards are not accepted.

The County Auditor and deputy auditors are not practicing attorneys, and in their roles as recording officers, are prohibited from providing legal advice.

The responsibility for properly preparing an instrument, survey, etc for recording is that of the document preparer.  It is not the responsibility of the Auditor or deputy auditors to screen the document to make sure it is properly drafted.  The County Auditor’s responsibility is limited to verifying the following information:

Arrow Bullet Proper fees are tendered

Arrow Bullet Instrument contains the document title(s)

Arrow Bullet Instrument is acknowledged
Arrow Bullet Names and signatures are included on the instrument
Arrow Bullet Indexing information is complete

Arrow Bullet Formatting requirements are met, as required by law

Arrow Bullet Instrument is legible for reproduction

Last Updated:  October 16, 2017