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Washington State Boundary 
Review Board for Kitsap County

The purpose is to allow cities and towns to adequately plan and finance urban services and boundary extensions in a manner consistent with comprehensive land-use plans.

The Boundary Review Board was established in 1967 when the Washington State Legislature passed the Boundary Review Board law.

Meeting Time and Location:
Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Kitsap County Commissioners Chambers as needed.

Staff Contact:
Carolyn Gourley (360) 337-4424 email:

Members Appointed By Start Date End Date Term #
Thomas Saunders Cities 4/10/11 1/31/19
John Szymanski Special Purpose
1/31/17 1/30/21 1
James Sommerhauser County 2/13/17 1/31/19 1
Mark Grimm Governor 1/31/11 1/31/21
Anne Montgomery Governor 2/1/11 1/31/19 3
Last Updated:  August 28, 2017