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2005 Final Suquamish Rural Village
Sub-Area Plan

Complete Final Suquamish Rural Village Plan (7.8 MB)


Table of Contents
Adoption Ordinance  
Land Use and Zoning
Public Facilities
Public Infrastructure
Natural Systems
Parks and Open Space
Historic Preservation
Figure 1 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Map
Figure 2 Residential Building Map
Figure 3 Tribal Trust Map
Figure 4 Zoning Map
Figure 5 Streets and Highways Map
Figure 6 Roadway System/Street Classification Map
Figure 7 Water Facilities Map
Figure 8 Sewer Facilities Map
Figure 9 Building Limitations Map
Figure 10 Aquifer Recharge Areas Map
Figure 11 Stormwater/Drainage Basin Map
Figure 12 Fish and Wildlife Map
Figure 13 Natural Systems Corridor Map
Appendix A - Historic Summary
Appendix B - Develop Safe Routes to School
Appendix C - Miller Bay Corridor
Appendix D - Findings of Fact, Conclusions & Recommendations
Appendix E - Public Comment
Suquamish Rural Village Planning Process

The Suquamish Citizen Advisory Committee


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March 04, 2013