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Consolidated Board of Appeals for the Kitsap County Building Code

Whereas, the enforcement of Building Codes is beneficial and improves the fire resistance, structural and economical design of buildings, providing for the health and life safety of individuals occupying or using buildings

Whereas, there is a need to maintain a full compliment of five construction and code knowledgeable members as prescribed by the adopted uniform codes.

Meeting Time and Location
Board meets only if there is an appeal.

Five members chosen on demonstrated knowledge of building codes, design practices, construction materials and methods and safety systems.

Staff Contact
Jeff Rowe-Hornbaker (360) 337-4816


 Representing Start Date
 Mark Grimm  Former Chief Building Official 3/9/15
 Wayne Senter  Exec. Director of WA Fire Chiefs Association 3/9/15
Ron Easterday Principal Architect 3/9/15
 Chuck MacLearnsberry Civil Engineer 3/9/15
Ron Perkerwicz Former Chief Building Official 3/9/15
Last Updated:  March 10, 2015