Link to Kitsap County's Mission Statement


The mission of the Food Policy council is t
o build a sustainable food system that increases and preserves access to local healthy food for all residents in Kitsap County.

Established in accordance with Resolution No. 181-2009 and #126-2013, the Council will serve the public interest by advising the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners on improving and maintaining an integrated and sustainable local food system in Kitsap County. The purpose of the Council is to provide:

·         Communications.  Establish and maintain a comprehensive dialogue and assessment of the current local food system.

·         Policy.  Identify and prioritize issues and make locally appropriate policy recommendations that promote, support and strengthen access to healthy local food for Kitsap residents.

·         Coordination.  Foster coordination between different sectors of the local food system and provide a forum for the people involved to understand how each others’ actions impact the system.

·         Promotion.  Help Kitsap residents understand, maintain and enhance features that support the entire local food system.


Last Updated:  June 23, 2017