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Board of Equalization
Preparing Your Appeal

Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization is an independent body organized to hear appeals of various determinations made by the Assessor. It is comprised of six citizen members appointed by the Kitsap County Commissioners.

The Board’s goal is to provide an impartial hearing environment that protects each party’s due process rights and results in a fair decision.

The Board’s jurisdiction involves appeals of Assessor determinations including:
  • Change in real and personal property values* [RCW 84.48.010];

  • Denials of senior citizen/disabled persons exemptions [RCW 84.36.385];

  • Denials of home improvement exemptions [RCW 84.36.400];

  • Decisions regarding historic property [RCW 84.26.130];

  • Forest land classification determinations [RCW 84.33];

  • Current use determinations [RCW 84.34];

  • Destroyed property determinations [RCW 84.70.010]; and

  • Claims for either real or personal property tax exemptions [RCW 84.36.010].

*There is no provision in State law to directly appeal the amount of your property taxes.

Established under WAC 458-14-050, which was repealed in 1991 and replaced with WAC 458-14-035.

Meeting Time and Location
Meetings are held at the Kitsap County Administration Building 619 Division Street Room 442 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday of each tax season.

Staff Contact
Carolyn Gourley, Clerk of the Board
Kitsap County Board of Equalization
614 Division Street, MS-4
Phone (360) 337-4424
Fax (360) 337-4632

Last Updated:  December 20, 2017