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Long Lake Management District No. 3 Proposal – PASSES

After tabulation of the ballots submitted by property owners through February 10 2017, the proposal to form Long Lake Management District No. 3 has passed with a 55.5% yes vote (simple majority was required).

With Board of Commissioner approval of the District on June 12, 2017 and the assessment roll on August 14, 2017, Kitsap County has put the maintenance activities out to competitive bid. Through a request for proposal process, members of Kitsap County Stormwater, Kitsap Public Health, the Noxious Weed Board and Commissioners Office, will review submittals and select a consultant to begin lake activities in the near future.

To ensure good coordination between the residents within the District and the contractor, Kitsap will be forming an advisory committee made up of local residents, the departments listed above and the contractor. This will allow a quarterly assessment of any issues that may arise during the maintenance activities. If you reside within the district and have interest in serving on such a committee, please contact Eric Baker, Policy Manager, at the information below.

Long Lake Management District Assessment Roll Resolution

If you have any questions please contact Eric Baker at (360) 337-4495 or

Long Lake has been suffering for years with significant water quality issues that have promoted the growth of invasive aquatic plants and toxic algae blooms. These issues come from past land use practices on shoreline and upland lots, surrounding soil conditions and natural lake processes. These issues have impacted use of the lake for recreation and created frequent public health hazards. These issues have been addressed in the past through state-funded management activities to reduce the accessibility of phosphorous and other nutrients within Long Lake.

To fund future management activities, private funding will be necessary. To this end, the community and Kitsap County is proposing a lake management district for properties surrounding Long Lake. Through annual assessments of $450, properties within the proposed District boundary may fund specific lake management activities established by an Integrated/Adaptive Lake Management Plan.

More information regarding the proposed maintenance activities, district boundary and proposed assessments can be found in the documents linked below.

Ordinance Establishing Interest and Penalties

Long Lake Assessment Objection Review

Long Lake Cyanotoxin Information from the Kitsap Public Health District

Special Benefits from Lake Management Activities and Potential Impacts to Property Values

Long Lake Management District Ballot Protocol

Long Lake Management District Frequently Asked Questions

Long Lake Management District Resolution of Intent

Long Lake Management District Resolution Submitting Question

Proposed Lake Management District Boundaries

Proposed Long Lake Integrated/Adaptive Lake Management Plan, July 2016

Final Report on Water Quality 2006-2010, December 2010

For information regarding the previous 2014 lake management district proposal, please visit
Lake Management District for Long Lake (2014)

If you have any question regarding the district proposal, please contact Eric Baker at (360) 337-4495 or

Last Updated:  October 18, 2017