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Urban Growth Area Management Agreements & Annexations



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What is Urban Growth Area Association?

Association is defined within the Kitsap Countywide Planning Polices and Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan as a policy commitment to promote annexation or incorporation of the unincorporated urban growth areas (UGAs).Association is one of several steps in the transition of an UGA to eventual annexation to a city. Association does not guarantee that an annexation will take place, but rather links a UGA to a particular city and paves the way for UGA management agreements (UGAMAs) that clarify roles for collaborative delivery of a full range of urban services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. There are currently 10 unincorporated UGAs, with five associated to the cities of Poulsbo, Bremerton and Port Orchard.

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What is an UGAMA?

An Urban Growth Area Management Agreement (UGAMA) is a mechanism to identify and address efficient and cost-effective urban-service delivery (parks/open space, sewer, transportation, stormwater, etc.), logical transfer of jurisdiction, ownership and maintenance; revenue sharing; and regional planning.

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The Special Projects Division is responsible to coordinate inter-departmental review and comment on annexation proposals with applicable RCWs, revenue sharing agreements, inter-local agreements, Kitsap Countywide Planning Policy and Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan.

Annexation Procedures (RCW 35.13)
Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A)
bulletKitsap County Comprehensive Plan
bulletCountywide Planning Policies

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Central Kitsap UGA Pilot Project

Over the course of several months, Special Projects and the Department of Community Development have been participating in the development of a countywide urban growth area management agreement (UGAMA) template process. This process was intended to be a third-party perspective on countywide association of urban growth areas (UGAs) and future negotiation of UGAMAs, with special attention on the Central Kitsap UGA. This project was funded through a grant received by the Washington State Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development (CTED) and was overseen and managed by the Kitsap Regional Coordination Council (KRCC). The scope of the grant and project was two-fold: 

  • Develop a flexible template to analyze urban service delivery impediments for unassociated UGAs and the relative fiscal implications of association, UGAMAs and possible annexation.

  • Utilize the CK UGA as a pilot study to test and refine the template.

The KRCC project team, which included the County, cities, and consultant Berk & Associates prepared a draft and final association and UGAMA template and urban service delivery report (see below). Consistent with the scope of the grant, the CK UGA was utilized to test this template process and is further summarized by the links below.

Final KRCC Association Process Template

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Please contact a staff member noted below for more project information or to share your thoughts and ideas.


Eric Baker-Manager

(360) 337-5777


Angie Silva-Senior Planner/Policy Analyst

(360) 337-5777  

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Last Updated:  September 03, 2014