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Bethel Corridor:

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Survey Results


Over the course of 2008, Kitsap County conducted a telephonic poll and online survey to determine opinions towards the Bethel Corridor and other County roadways, as well as possible funding options. A final report of these results are noted below.


Final Transportation Funding Poll


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How to get Involved


Involvement from the South Kitsap community is integral to the success of the future development of the Bethel Corridor. Please check this website for future updates and meetings.

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Where is the Bethel Corridor?

The Bethel Corridor is a 1.7 mile long, two-lane road from the intersection of Ives Mill Road to the intersection of Lincoln Avenue in south Kitsap County. Over the course of 20-years, the Bethel Corridor is planned to become a major commercial/retail center for South Kitsap. Noted below is a vicinity map for a quick reference.

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What is the Bethel Corridor Plan?

In 2000, the Bethel Corridor Plan (Plan) was adopted by Kitsap County Board of County Commissioners. It represents the culmination of years of diligent work by numerous citizens, stakeholders, County staff and officials. The intent of the plan was to provide a safe and efficient transportation corridor between South Kitsap and the City of Port Orchard while providing access to several businesses serving the South Kitsap community. The primary feature of this Plan was the construction of a four-lane, divided roadway with bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements along Bethel Road. For more information, please click below.

Bethel Corridor Plan

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Current Status

Since the adoption of the Bethel Corridor Plan, several factors such as rising construction costs, the price of right-of-way acquisition, unsecured funding, as well as discussion of potential annexation by the City of Port Orchard have delayed the construction. These delays have escalated the cost of the project to over $43M. The high cost of this project has left neither local government (the County or City), local businesses or property owners the ability to bear the full burden of funding the project improvements. To complete the project and relieve existing and future traffic congestion, the costs must be spread equitably amongst all who will benefit from the corridor construction.


Estimated Project Costs



Right-of-Way Acquisition/ Construction






Note: Estimated project cost is based upon 2007 construction costs. For example, the estimated project costs does not include  increase in asphalt costs.

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 Preliminary Financing Options

After looking at several possible sources of funding for the project, the County has proposed to break the project into two parts based upon the type of traffic using the corridor through 2025. From this analysis, the County identified out of 38,000 daily trips, 59% are considered pass-through or existing traffic (vehicles moving through the corridor on the way to other destinations or currently on the roads today), while 41% will be generated by destination traffic (vehicles traveling to businesses and residences located on the corridor). From this traffic analysis the County identified the following funding mechanisms:

County Road Improvement District (CRID)

Based upon a project total of just over $43M, 41% (or $18M) would be funded by a CRID which would comprise of commercial and residential properties within the vicinity of Bethel Road which directly benefit from the transportation improvement. The amount of the assessments to individual properties would be based upon future development potential. Such an assessment must be approved be over 50% of the properties within the CRID boundary. Listed below is a preliminary CRID boundary map and examples of property types and their potential assessments.


Preliminary CRID Boundary

Examples: 1) if a property is zoned urban residential and is less than a Ĺ acre in size with no future development capacity, the property would be assessed $95 per year, for 20 years. 2) If the property is zoned urban residential and has the minimum ability to provide three additional homes, the assessed value would be $380 per year ($95X4) for 20 years. 3) If a property is zoned commercial, the assessment is based upon the future commercial potential rather than its current use and would be assessed $2,660 per developable acre per year for 20 years. State RCW does allow a senior deferral of up to 80% of these assessments based upon certain criteria (age, annual income level, etc).

Transportation Benefit District (TBD)

To fund the remaining 59% or $25M, a TBD could be formed that generally includes most of the South Kitsap area. Listed below is a preliminary TBD boundary map.


Preliminary TBD Boundary


The TBD could propose assessment or fee increases to fund specific projects such as the Bethel Corridor could be funded through two options:

Option 1: Property Tax Assessments

Such additional assessment would be based upon the future traffic that could be created by a particular property. The assessment may only be imposed through a public vote of registered voters within the TBD with 60% improving the increase.

Examples: 1) A property zoned residential with no further development potential would be assessed $23 per year for 20 years. 2) If the property has the ability to provide 3 additional homes the assessment would be $92 per year ($23X4) over 20 years. 3) Commercially-zoned property would be assessed based upon its commercial potential or $127 per developable acre per year for 20 years. 4) Similarly, industrially-zoned property would be assessed based upon its industrial potential or $78 per developable acre per year for 20 years.

Option 2: Motor Vehicle License Fee Increase

This mechanism would establish a fee increase per eligible vehicles (cars, trucks, RVís NOT boats or trailers) To fund the project, the license fee would need to be increased by $26 per vehicle over 20 years. The fee increase may only be imposed through a public vote of registered voters within the TBD with 50% improving the increase.

Example: A two-car home would be assessed $52 dollars ($26 X 2) per year for 20-years.

Listed below is a presentation to the Port Orchard City Council in August 2007.

Port Orchard City of Council August 2007 PowerPoint

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Proposed Transportation Improvements

The proposed Bethel Corridor improvements would primarily be focused south of Lincoln Avenue and north of Ives Mill Road.  The proposed improvements include road widening from two lanes to four lanes, with planted medians dividing north and southbound traffic. Bicycle lanes and sidewalks will extend the length of the corridor, from south of Fred Meyer to the new traffic circle at the current Mitchell and Lincoln triangle. The new road section will transform Bethel Road into one of the most pleasant and traffic-efficient commercial areas in Kitsap County. The following are some design specifics along the corridor:







Sedgwick Intersection
The Sedgwick intersection was recently re-built to accommodate the new Fred Meyer store. Additional improvements are needed to accommodate high volumes of traffic at this key intersection, which serves as a link from Highway 16 to the commercial area and the ferries at Southworth.







Salmonberry Intersection
The original approach called for Bethel Road to be raised nearly six feet in this location. The vertical alignment of the roadway through this intersection has been lowered to minimize utility conflicts, enhance constructability, and reduce access related concerns. This intersection will be signalized, include bus pullouts or in-lane stops, two travel lanes in each direction, and provisions for u-turns.






Lund & Bethel Intersection
This intersection will remain largely unchanged. The exception is the installation of an additional left turn lane from northbound Bethel onto westbound Lund.

Please click below to see animated films and engineering of the proposed pedestrian and transportation improvements.

Proposed Roadway Improvements (2,668 KB)
bullet Proposed Roundabouts at Blueberry & Mitchell/Lincoln Triangle & Lundberg Roads.(3,184 KB)
bullet Bethel Corridor Engineered Drawings
bullet Proposed Pedestrian Improvements (4,152 KB)

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