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Phase II
Code Development Process




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Final Documents
On November 10, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners adopted amendments to Titles 17 (Zoning) and 18 (SEPA-Environment). Noted below are the adopting ordinances.
Project Scope & Schedule

Kitsap County has been developing revisions to County Code in concert with a consultant, GordonDerr (F.K.A. Buck and Gordon), over the last year. The scope of the project included evaluation of Kitsap County Code Titles 16 (Subdivision), 17 (Zoning), 18 (SEPA-Environment) and 21 (Land Use Development Procedures). The intent of this review is to improve clarity, consistency and functionality. The project has been moving forward with several deliverables to be released by the middle of August.

Due to several factors such as severe budget limitations and Department of Community Development (DCD) staffing levels and competing priorities, the completion the project as previously conceived is unlikely.

To ensure proper DCD review of the project deliverables while meeting County commitments to the public, it is recommended that the project be broken into two parts. The first, overseen by the Special Projects Division (Office of Board of County Commissioners), would include the most pressing code amendments such a lot sizes, subdivision standards, performance-based developments, and mixed-use zone regulations (Phase II). These amendments would be completed in 2008.

Phase III, overseen by DCD, would allow DCD staff and management to fully review the Titles, proposing revisions to multiple sections as necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in their revised review and approval process.

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Second Draft

For Consideration by Planning Commission & BOCC

The second draft amendments primarily focused on a list of topics that are in need of immediate review and revision. These topics generally include:

  • Single-Family Subdivision Standards/Platting

  • Performance-Based Development (PBD) Standards

  • Mixed-Use Zone Regulations

  • Master Planning

  • Consolidated Use Table Modifications

  • Regional Commercial Sign District

  • Miscellaneous Amendments (landscaping, race tracks, etc.)
    Other amendments to improve clarity, consistency and functionality of the code.

The second draft has been forwarded to the Kitsap County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners for consideration. Listed below is a summary table and proposed amendments to Title 17 (Zoning) and Title 18 (SEPA-Environment). Agencies, affected tribes, and interested parties are invited to comment on the draft amendments.


First Draft

Preliminary Discussion Documents

Consistent with the revised list of Special Projects priority code amendments and schedule, listed below are preliminary first draft revisions. These preliminary revisions were released on August 15, 2007 and were intended to encourage comment and discussion on the details prior to moving forward with the approval process. The deadline for preliminary comments was on December 1, 2007.

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Related Documents & Links


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Comments or Questions?

Please contact the Special Projects division noted below for more project information or to share your thoughts and ideas.

Eric Baker-Manager

(360) 337-7146


Angie Silva- Senior Planner

(360) 337-7146

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