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District Courts have long been called the "peoples court" and are well named for the wide variety of matters over which they have jurisdiction. The collection of fines and assessments generates considerable revenue, which funds both local and state programs. This revenue contributes to public safety and education programs, information systems, crime-victims compensation, public defense, drivers education programs in schools, law enforcement training and local probation supervision programs.

In addition to the law enforcement agencies (Kitsap County Sheriff's Office and Washington State Patrol) and the Kitsap County Prosecutor's Office, this Court also files and hears cases brought by the:

  • Washington State Department of Wildlife 
  • Washington State Liquor Control Board 
  • Kitsap County Humane Society 
  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources 
  • Washington State and Kitsap County Parks 
  • Washington State Department of Labor and Industries 
  • Kitsap County Department of Community Development/ Zoning Enforcement 
  • Kitsap County Board of Health

The Kitsap County District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors and gross misdemeanor crimes. These crimes carry a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and/ or a $5,000 fine. The most common criminal charges include Domestic Violence (DV), Assault, and Theft. Criminal Traffic charges like Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUI) and Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) are filed into this Court. Traffic infractions including speeding, license tabs charges and equipment violations are also heard in this Court.

Probation Services of the District Court supervises offenders sentenced by the Court. Probation is a sentencing alternative to incarceration in jail. Referrals for treatment are made from this office. Probation Services monitors the offender's compliance with sentencing conditions set by the Court. These conditions might include No Contact Orders granted in cases of Domestic Violence or treatment for alcohol/ drug abuse ordered for DUI offenders.

The Civil Division processes Small Claims in amounts not exceeding $5,000 and civil actions not exceeding $100,000. It has jurisdiction over Unlawful Harassment petitions (neighbor disputes) and Protection Orders (family/ intimate partner matters). Petitions for name changes are also heard in District Court.

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No Contact Orders are password protected and can be viewed by those who have been given a log in name and password.  Click here to sign in and view No Contact Orders.

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Many misdemeanor offenders must now receive permission from the court before leaving the state.  Information and forms here.

Interactive Online Forms.  You can fill them out online and print to your local printer. Click on the link above and you will be taken directly to their site.  Registration for access to the forms is quick and easy. 

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Enjoy the convenience, flexibility and rewards of credit card payments.

Payment for all fines and traffic citations can be made by credit card, either by calling nCourt at 1-844-546-9370 (toll free), or by visiting our payment website at:


or in our office at:

614 Division Street, Room 106, Port Orchard, WA 98366.


If you need more than 60 days to pay your Court fine, you can apply to Court Payment Management Services (CPMS) for time payment assistance.

CPMS Guidelines

CPMS call to apply - 360-748-4784 or 877-748-4936

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  • Building 9 for Veterans
    Transitional housing model designed to provide safe and stable housing for both male and female homeless veterans who are committed to returning to employment and/or independent living.  Use the link provided or call 1-800-562-2308 for more information.

  • Northwest Justice Project
    Publications and information in special areas of interest and need (consumer problems, family law, government benefits, housing, youth, seniors, immigrants, farm workers). This site is available in Spanish and Russian.

  • Washington State Legislature Homepage
    General information about our Washington State Legislature, including a listing of state law makers and up to date bill information.

  • Kitsap Legal Services
    Referral information for low income clients to volunteer lawyers in selected areas of civil law.

  • Washington Courts
    Significant court related information: court directory, forms, court rules, opinions, domestic violence information, self-help guide, appellate court information, including recent court opinions by the Court of Appeals and State Supreme Court. Decisions issued in the preceding 90 days may be accessed by entering search terms, and decisions issued in the preceding 14 days may be more simply accessed through a separate link clearly designated. 

  • Washington Court Directory--locate court personnel, courthouses and dispute resolution centers in Washington State.

  • Washington State RCW, WAC, county & municipal codes, State Supreme and Appellate rulings 

  • Washington State Bar Association
    Consumer information pamphlets online.

  • Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center
    A nonprofit (501(c)(3)) community mediation center that provides residents with options for resolving disputes themselves, out-of-court, voluntarily, nonviolently, inexpensively and within the community. 

  • Statewide Dispute Resolution Center Directory

  • Legal Research

  • U.S. Supreme Court opinions -- This web site contains all U.S. Supreme Court opinions issued since 1990 and many significant opinions of the Court issued before 1990.

  • Information about bills filed --Washington Legislature is at the same address -- look under “Washington State Legislature,” “bill info,” “house bill information/senate bill information,” and use bill numbers to access information. Access to the “Washington State Register” for the most recent WAC amendments.

  • State government information --A wide range of other state information.

  • The Attorney General's Office web page.


Certified Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs

Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Programs
(click on the link and scroll down to the desired city)

A.A. Meetings Link

Washington State Victim Impact Panel Registry Link



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