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Comm. Dev. > Community Planning > Sub-Area Plans > Illahee Community Plan

Illahee Creek Watershed Surface
Water Management Plan


Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Watershed Characteristics
Watershed Threats
Community and Regulatory Framework
Recommended Goals and Strategies
Operation and Maintenance
Monitoring and Performance
Project Prioritization
Appendix A - Aquifer Protection Plan
Estimates of Groundwater Rechage
Hydrogeologic Conditions
Impacts from Land Use and Wells
Flow and Water Quality Impacts from Septic Systems
Recommended Strategies
Appendix A - Water Rights
Appendix B - Watershed Characterization Report
Table of Contents
Watershed Conditions
Present Issues and Future Trends
Appendix A - Illahee Stream Habitat Assessment
Attachment A - Illahee Stream Survey Forms
Appendix B - Wetland Delineation Memorandum
Attachment A - Illahee Wetland Rating Forms
Appendix C - Conceptual Plans and Strategies
Appendix D - Hydrologic Modeling Output Reports
Appendix E - Educational Documents and Brochures
Low Impact Development
Solution to Stormwater Pollution
Top 10 things you can do to reduce stormwater runoff
Healthy Household Habits for Clean Water
How to shop for a "Fish-Friendly" Home
Bioretention Systems for Stormwater Management
Rain Gardens
Protecting Washington's waters from stormwater pollution
Porous Concrete - Frequently Asked Questions
Pervious Concrete - When it drains
Field Evaluation of Permeable Pavements for Stormwater Management
Science & Innovations - Porous Pavement
Pollutant Source Reduction
Water Conservation - City of Kent
Septic System Repair and Maintenance
Appendix F - Memorandum on Special Districts
Final Illahee Community Plan Page

Last Updated: 
April 01, 2014


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