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2017 Stormwater Submittal Documents and Design Tools
(effective 1 January 2017)

Project Application (Land Use, Environmental and Site Development)
2017 Site Development Activity Permit Supplemental Application
2017 Site Development Activity Permit Submittal Checklist - Full Drainage Review
2017 Site Development Activity Permit Submittal Checklist - Abbreviated Drainage Review
2017 Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Narrative
Stormwater Worksheet Packet
Post-Construction Soil Quality and Depth Brochure
Post-Construction Soil Quality and Depth Worksheet
KCSDM Vol I, Chapter 2 - instructions to complete the Site Assessment and Planning Packet
Figures from Vol II, Kitsap County Stormwater Design Manual (The following 20 images are available in .pdf format)
Figure 4.1 - Alternative Flow Dispersal Trench
Figure 4.2 - Pipe Compaction Design and Backfill
Figure 4.3 - Pipe Anchor Detail
Figure 4.4 - Corrugated Metal Pipe Coupling and/or General Pipe Anchor Assembly
Figure 4.5 - Pipe Culvert Discharge Protection
Figure 4.6 - Debris Barrier (Off Road Right-of-Way)
Figure 4.7 - Debris Barrier (In Road Right-of-Way)
Figure 4.8 - Flow Dispersal Trench
Figure 4.9 - Gabion Mattress Dissipater Detail
Figure 4.10 - Tee Type Energy Dissipater
Figure 4.11 - Inlet/Outlet Control Conditions
Figure 4.12 - Ditches Common Sections
Figure 4.13 - Drainage Ditches - Common Sections
Figure 4.14 - Geometric Elements of Common Sections
Figure 4.15 - Flow Splitter, Option A
Figure 4.16 - Flow Splitter, Option B
Figure 4.17 - Flow Spreader, Option A: Anchored Plate
Figure 4.18 - Flow Spreader, Option B: Concrete Sump Box
Figure 4.19 - Flow Spreader, Option C: Notched Curb Spreader
Figure 4.20 - Flow Spreader, Option D: Through -Curb Port
Isopluvial Maps for Kitsap County (The following 7 images are available in .pdf format)
2-Year Isopluvial Map
5-Year Isopluvial Map
10-Year Isopluvial Map
25-Year Isopluvial Map
50-Year Isopluvial Map
100-Year 24-Hour Isopluvial Map
100-Year 7-Day Isopluvial Map
Last Updated:  November 20, 2017
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