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Kitchen Fire Safety

Every year, more than a hundred thousand fires start in home kitchens causing the loss of someone's home and burns. By following fire safety tips, you can prevent fires and burns.
bullet Stay in the kitchen while something is cooking. Especially if the stove is on high. Never leave grease cooking on the stove.
bullet Turn off appliances when you're finished cooking. Coffee pots, toaster ovens and other appliances can overheat if you leave them on.
bullet Unplug electric appliances when they are not in use. Sometimes, even when the appliance is turned off, the electricity continues to flow to the appliance and it can still cause a fire because of a faulty switch or thermostat.
bullet Keep appliances clean to keep grease and dirt from building up. Built-up grease catches fire easily.
bullet Wear close-fitting sleeves while cooking so they don't brush against the burner and catch fire. Loose sleeves can catch fire easily. Store items where you won't have to reach over a hot burner to reach them.
bullet Keep combustibles away from the stove and oven even when you're not using it. Sometimes the wrong burner is turned on and whatever is on or near the burner will catch fire. Pot holders, dish towels and blowing curtains could all create problems if they get too close to the burners.
bullet Supervise children while they cook and teach them the safe ways to handle hot food.
bullet While cooking on the stove, turn the pot handles in so that pot handle can't be bumped or grabbed by a child. Even better, cook on the back burners.
bullet Microwaves are fast and easy for a child to operate, but be sure the child knows some foods get very hot and can cause steam burns. Remove the food with pot holders and remove the lids with caution. Test the temperature of the food before eating or wait a few minutes.
If a fire occurs:
bullet Evacuate everyone. Go next door and call 911 for emergency help.
bullet For a pan fire, have a pan lid or a baking pan handy to smother the flames immediately. Slide the lid over the pan to avoid burning yourself. A cookie sheet or baking pan works very well to smother flames on any size pan. Another method is to pour baking soda on the fire (flour may explode). If you can't put the fire out within 30 seconds by putting a lid on it, pouring baking soda or using a fire extinguisher, EVACUATE and call the Fire Department from next door.
bullet In the event of a fire in the microwave or the oven, close the door and turn it off. The flames should die right away from lack of oxygen.
bullet In the event of any fire, always notify the Fire Department so they can check for extension of the fire into hidden areas.
Last Updated:  September 23, 2014
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