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Fire Marshal Services

Fire/Life and Property Safety
KCFMO is responsible to protect the life and property of Kitsap County from the hazards of fire, explosion, hazardous materials, and other hazards through the use of code enforcement of adopted state, local, and federal codes and ordinances; accepted engineering practices; and education. Plan reviews of facilities before construction or occupancy ensure adequate life safety and fire protection measures. Fire protection includes water on site sufficient to extinguish a fire or to contain the fire to prevent its spread, hydrants to supply fire equipment apparatus, built-in fire protection, and access to the facility.

Fire Investigation
In the Fire Investigation Unit, fire cause determination is given the highest priority. The Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Marshal's have special expertise in fire behavior to determine cause and origin. KCFMO has very good relationships with local law enforcement agencies and works aggressively with them in prosecuting individuals who commit the crime of arson. In response to increased juvenile fire incidents, KCFMO developed Fire Stoppers for Kitsap County, a children's fire prevention program. Fire Stoppers is a comprehensive juvenile firesetter intervention program aimed at reducing the incidents of fireplay and fire setting by children and adolescents through early identification, evaluation and treatment. KCFMO provides intervention services, along with fire safety school and appropriate prosecution. Staff is developing an interactive Fire Stoppers program to be made available via the world wide web and on compact disc for presentation by schools, etc.

Fire Code
The International Fire Code and the International Fire Code Standards are adopted by the Washington State Building Code Council pursuant to RCW 19.27. KCFMO is authorized to administer and enforce the International Fire Code as adopted by Kitsap County Code. KCFMO conducts inspections for all commercial businesses in the unincorporated areas of Kitsap County to identify and mitigate any conditions which would reasonably create a life safety hazard, tend to cause fire or contribute to its spread.

Plan Review
KCFMO is part of the Department of Community Development's plan review process - reviewing plans for a variety of permits for non-structural compliance with current building and fire codes as adopted by the County. Residential multi-family structures, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, hazardous materials permits, water supply systems, and commercial properties are a few of the many permits reviewed by KCFMO.

Clean Air
The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for education and enforcement of State outdoor burning regulations to reduce unhealthy particulate matters in the air we breathe in Kitsap County. KCFMO works closely with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency implementing public education campaigns about burning. KCFMO is also responsible for responding to outdoor burning complaints from the public.

Fire Safety Advisory Committee
The Fire Marshal chairs the Fire Safety Advisory Committee which was established by the Board of County Commissioners in 1999 to review fire safety evaluations as provided in Ordinance 244-1999, periodically review that ordinance and recommend improvements to it; investigate and recommend to the Board of County Commissioners funding sources for fire and life safety enhancements to Group R, Division 1 multi-family buildings; when requested by the Board of Appeals, provide recommendations on appeals under this chapter; and develop strategies to enhance fire safety within the community.

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