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Upcoming Meetings (click on date for linked agenda)
The last three meetings of the year for 11/18/2014, 12/2/2014 and 12/16/2014 have been cancelled.  The next meeting will be held on 1/6/2015...
11/4/2014            (audio from 11/4/2014)
10/21/2014          (audio from 10/21/2014)
10/7/2014             (audio from 10/7/2014)
8/19/2014           (audio from 8/19/2014)
8/5/2014             (audio from 8/5/2014)
7/15/2014               (audio from 7/15/2014)
6/26/2014                 (audio from 6/26/2014)
6/16/2014                 (no audio available)
6/3/2014              (audio from 6/3/2014)
5/20/2014           (audio from 5/20/2014)
5/6/2014               (audio from 5/6/2014)
4/15/2014             (audio from 4/15/2014)
4/1/2014               (audio from 4/1/2014)
3/18/2014      Cancelled
3/4/2014               (audio from 3/4/2014)
2/18/2014      Cancelled
2/4/2014              (audio from 2/2/2014)
1/21/2014      Cancelled
1/7/2014        Cancelled
Meeting Materials
Below are the materials for the meeting dates.  Agenda items that have no materials will not be listed.

11/4/2014 Findings of Fact, Conclusions and Recommendations of the Kitsap County Planning Commission to the Board of Commissioners of Kitsap County, WA 2014 Regarding Comprehensive Plan Amendments to the Transfer of Development Rights
11/4/2014 2014 Comprehensive Plan Amendments Transfer of Development Rights Program, Eligibility Requirements and Tax Implications
10/21/2014 Kitsap County Transfer of Development Rights Public Comment
10/21/2014 Kitsap County Transfer of Development Rights Chapter 3C Revisions Draft
10/21/2014 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Amendments - Transfer of Development Rights Program, Revisions to Updates to Chapter 3 - Rural, Staff Report
10/7/2014 Kitsap County 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Scope & Strategy Document
10/7/2014 Growth Management Act Presentation
10/7/2014 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update Flyer
10/7/2014 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update Presentation

About the Planning Commission

The Kitsap County Planning Commission is an advisory body that shall “assist the planning department in carrying out its duties, including assistance in the preparation and execution of the comprehensive plan and recommendations to the planning department for the adoption of official controls and/or amendments thereto” (RCW 36.070.040; Kitsap County Resolution 60-1961, Sec 2), and which acts as the research and fact finding agency of the County. 

Further, the Planning Commission will conduct hearings “and shall make findings of fact and conclusions there from which shall be transmitted to the Department which shall transmit the same to the board with such comments and recommendations it deems necessary”
(KC Resolution 60-1961, Sec 3).

Kitsap County Planning Commission's regularly scheduled public hearings or work study sessions are held on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. These meetings are held at the Kitsap County Administration Building, Commissioner's Chambers, 619 Division Street Port Orchard, WA 98366. The Planning Commission also holds public hearings and study sessions at other times and locations as needed.

Planning Commission Documents
Planning Commission Meeting Agendas
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes and Audio Recordings
The Department of Community Development can answer your questions. If you have procedural questions, questions about the date/time/location of a hearing, concerns or specific questions on an agenda item, you may contact the Planning Commission Secretary, Karen Ashcraft, at (360) 337-5777
Last Updated:  November 18, 2014
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