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The Application Services Division is responsible for supporting an array of automated application systems used by County departments.  The division provides assessment, testing and implementation, customized program coding, maintenance and reporting for computer applications.  This group is also responsible for the official County website and internal-use-only web servers.

Highlights from Application Services

Better Communication for the Public

  • County Commissioner's Agenda's website
  • Kitsap 24 x 7
  • Gov Delivery Service, an email notification system for news and events
  • Social Media – the County has prepared operating guidelines for proper use of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Elected Officials can use at their own discretion, however, Non-elected office and departments must comply with a code of conduct.

Paperless Initiative
Kitsap County has severely reduced paper usage with digital technology (an image) over the last several years. The strategy uses computer technologies to quickly find and organize records. Other documents capture signatures and route information between the legal and law enforcement communities. Our enterprise imaging system and SharePoint services support several applications where paper is no longer produced – a long term cost savings for paper and handling and storage. Among the paperless applications are:

  • New - Treasurer's Cash Transmittal's
  • Court System Documents
  • Opt out of receiving paper tax statements
  • CORA, a records on-line subscription service (a revenue source for the Clerk’s Office)
  • Auditors Recorded Documents

Process Improvement Team
Many of the County's core business processes were derived from manual methods using paper, people skills, and tried-and-true methods like sending a fax or making a phone call, and then came the age of computers and email. We’ve been working to improve these processes with the use of technology. Applications staff worked closely with the team to completed the first process improvement project, the Contract Review and Approval process used by all County departments and offices.  PIT members are  working on improvements to the Payment Voucher process. The mission:

To promote process improvement to gain operational efficiencies and create a culture of continual improvement.

A complete re-design of the Permitting system, the new SmartGov application launched in May 2012. The application features a friendly public web-portal for clients to request inspections and the ability to review detailed permit status information. Future enhancements will include on-line submittals for applications, plan drawings and electronic documents. The improved routing and approval processes helped the Department of Community Development to reduce permit processing times and increasing overall efficiencies.

Craig Adams, Application Services Manager

Bud J. Harris, Director

Update: November 04, 2015
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