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Kitsap County 2017 Employee Benefits

For further assistance with information found on this page, please contact Human Resources at 360.337.7185

Due to the delay in receiving plan information for 2017, the deadline for Open Enrollment is being extended to Tuesday, December 20.

Medical and vision plans are specific to employee groups as indicated below.  Click on the links for Information on Medical/Vision Plans, Enrollment Forms and Monthly Rates for all Plans.

Scroll down this page for dental, life and supplemental plan information for all employees.
Deputy Sheriff Guild Members
Corrections Sergeants
Corrections Officers
Group with VSP Coverage
AFSCME 1308 Courthouse
AFSCME 1308-JC Juvenile Courts
AFSCME 1308-S Supervisors
Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys
Juvenile Detention Officers
Public Works Teamsters Utilities
Teamsters Parks
Non-Represented Employees
Groups with Vision Included in Medical Plans
Public Works Council
Sheriff Support Guild
Annual Leave & Sick Leave Accrual Chart here!
The Dental and Life Insurance Plans below are applicable to all employees.  Please access the links above for rate and contribution information.
Click on the carrier logs to link to the web sites.

Click here to access the 2017 WCIF Enrollment Guide & Summaries for Dental and Life Insurance Coverage.
This enrollment guide also includes Required Notices for:
Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage
Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Notice of Special Enrollment Rights

2016 Plan Summaries
(No change in 2017)
Delta Dental Plan C
Delta Dental Plan D
Delta Care Summary

Coverage Booklets
Delta Dental Plan C
Delta Dental Plan D

2016 Plan Summary
No change in 2017
Certificate of Coverage
Enrollment Brochure

Find a Dentist
The Standard Insurance Company

Basic Life - Benefits at a Glance

Basic Life Certificate of Coverage
$24,000 Employee / $1,000 Dependent

Information on Naming a Minor Beneficiary

United Healthcare® Global Travel Assistance Program Flyer

Life Services Toolkit - Resources and Tools to Help You and Your Beneficiary Meet Life's Challenges

Optional Voluntary Term Life (VTL)

Optional Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (VAD&D)
Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA)
Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

2017 FSA Enrollment Form

2017 HSA Enrollment Form

Click here to view the Presentation on Health Savings Accounts

NOTE: Your FSA election will not roll over to 2017. You must elect to participate and complete a new enrollment form each year.

2016 Claim Form
(Submit 2016 claims until 3/31/17 for claims incurred thru 3/15/17)

AFLAC is an extra measure of financial protection. When you're sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you.

For more information about policy benefits, please contact:
Suzy O'Brien
360.620.1514 or
or link here for information on available plans and rates.

Suzy is available to meet with employees during breaks or lunch.

Coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus. There may be indirect administrative or other costs.
MetLife Disability Coverage for
AFSCME 1308 & 1308-S members
Standard Short-Term & Long-Term Disability and Life Policy for Sheriff's Office Employees
Employee Assistance Program
Contact Fully Effective Employees
425.454.3003 or 1.800.648.5834
Deferred Compensation (IRS Plan 457b)
An optional benefit that is designed to supplement your retirement. Federal tax exempt contributions are not FICA exempt. Defer up to $18,000 in 2017.  (Contact HR for age 50+ and three-year catch up provisions.) Make changes to deferrals throughout the year. Note that deferred money is only accessible at separation, retirement, death, or some cases of severe financial hardship. Invest with:

DCP / WA State
DCP website

email Sonia Rogers

email Jon Zetlmaier

Mass Mutual
email Jim Van Hollebeke


Last Updated:  June 29, 2017
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