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At the regularly scheduled November 13, 2017 meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved recommendations for the 2018 Funding Awards for the 2018 Coordinated Grant Application Process, as recommended by the Grant Recommendation Committees.  Below are summaries of the 2018 awards:

2018 CDBG Awards

2018 HOME Awards

2018 Affordable Housing Grant Program (AHGP) Awards

2018 Homeless Housing Grant Program (HHGP) Awards

2018 Capital and O&M Application Summary

2018 Services Application Summary

The City of Bremerton took separate action on the City of Bremerton HOME projects at their Bremerton City Council meeting on October 18, 2017.

Kitsap County is an Entitlement Community under the federally funded Community Development Block Grant Program.  Funds are received annually from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for local projects that primarily benefit low income people.  Kitsap County published a 2018 Policy Plan detailing the management of its CDBG and HOME programs. It is available below.

Kitsap County also receives funding through Washington State legislation for the Consolidated Homeless Grant Program and the Homeless Housing Grant Program (ESSHB 2163), providing grant funds to reduce homelessness in Kitsap County, and for the Affordable Housing Grant Program (SHB 2060), to develop and support affordable housing.  Policy Plans for these programs are linked below.   For more information about these programs, please go to the Housing and Homelessness Program page.

Important documents for the 2018 Cycle:

2018 NOFA – Homeless and CDBG Services

2018 NOFA - Affordable Housing and Economic Development

2018 CDBG and HOME Policy Plan

2018 Affordable Housing Grant Program Policy Plan

2018 Homeless Housing Grant Program Policy Plan

2018 Schedule for Affordable Housing & Economic Development Applications

2018 Schedule for Homeless and CDBG Services

For information or to make further accommodations, please contact at least 48 hours in advance the following personnel:

 Bonnie Tufts (,

Shannon Bauman (, or

Kirsten Jewell (

2017 Grant Cycle Awards

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners approved the 2017 Kitsap Coordinated Grant Awards following a public hearing at their regularly scheduled meeting on November 14, 2016 at 5:30pm.  The CDBG and HOME Awards will be included in the Kitsap County 2017 Action Plan.


2017 All Funding Awards

2017 CDBG Awards

2017 HOME Awards

2017 Affordable Housing Grant Program Awards

2017 Homeless Housing Grant Program Awards

2017 Services Application Summary

2017 Capital and O&M Application Summary


The City of Bremerton approved the awards for City of Bremerton HOME projects at their Bremerton City Council meeting on November 2, 2016.

NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE:  The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is the legislative body of Kitsap County which administers the CDBG, HOME, Homeless Housing and Affordable Housing grant programs. As the legislative body, the BOCC approves the Action Plan and the awards. The BOCC also serves on the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority dba Housing Kitsap Board as provided under state law. Because all three county commissioners sit on the Housing Kitsap board, it is impossible for them to all recuse themselves from approving grant awards. Housing Kitsap submitted applications for the 2017 grant cycle. The BOCC does not receive financial benefit as board members for Housing Kitsap but understand the perceived conflict of interest and therefore appoint citizens to serve on the Grant Recommendation Committee to review Coordinated Grant Applications and make funding recommendations. The BOCC receives the recommendations for consideration and final approval.


2017 Technical Assistance Training PowerPoint - CDBG Services, Homeless Services, O&M, CHDO, and ED Microenterprise

2017 Technical Assistance Training PowerPoint - Capital and Homeless Facilities

2017 Cycle Calendar

2017 Coordinated Grant Application NOFA

2017 CDBG/HOME Policy Plan

2017 Affordable Housing Grant Program Policy Plan

2017 Homeless Housing Grant Program Policy Plan

2017 Consolidated Homeless Program Policy Plan


Each year Kitsap County conducts a competitive funding application process through a single coordinated grant application, including the following grant funds:

Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG)
HOME Investment Partnership Consortium Funds (HOME)
Affordable Housing Grant Funds (AHGP)
Homeless Housing Grant Funds (HHGP)

The application cycle begins in May of each year with a technical assistance session for prospective grant applicants (NOTE: For the 2017 cycle the TA session will be MANDATORY).

A public process is used to make funding recommendations in September with funds available in January of the following year. 

This process is detailed the Citizen Participation Plan in each funding source's Policy Plan. The public is encouraged to participate in the process and its end product. 

Part of the Citizen Participation Plan includes Grant Recommendation Committees, made up of citizen volunteers who are appointed by the Mayors and County Commissioners.  The Grant Recommendation Committees meet regularly on the first Wednesdays of the month (except January, when it is the second Wednesday), from 1pm - 3pm, in the Norm Dicks Government Center.  Please contact staff for more information

To better understand the funding sources and regulatory requirements associated with all of these funding sources, applicants are encouraged to refer to the Policy Plans.

2016 CYCLE

2016 Capital and O&M Awards List
2016 Services and Homelessness Awards List

2016 Capital and O&M Project Summaries
2016 Services and Homeless Project Summaries

2016 CDBG/HOME Policy Plan
2016 Affordable Housing Grant Program Policy Plan
2016 Homeless Housing Grant Program Policy Plan
2016 Consolidated Homeless Grant Policy Plan

2015 CYCLE

2015 Funding Awards

2015 Project Descriptions


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