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At-Risk Youth Petition (ARY)

  At-Risk youth means a juvenile: 

  1. Who is absent from the home for at least seventy-two (72) consecutive hours without consent of his or her parent; 
  2. Who is beyond the control of his or her parent such that the child's behavior endangers the health, safety, or welfare of the child or any other person; or  
  3. Who has a substance abuse problem for which there are no pending criminal charges related to the substance abuse.

ONLY a parent/custodian or guardian with the legal right to custody may file an At-Risk Youth Petition. If a parent believes their child meets the above-listed definitions and court intervention and supervision are necessary to assist in maintaing the care, custody and control of the child, should:

  1. Call the division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at 475-3688, press "0" and ask for an intake worker.
  2. Advise intake of their desire to file an At-Risk Youth Petition.
  3. Request a family assessment.  At the family assessment, the caseworker with discuss with the family services previously provided, resources currently available, and alternatives to court intervention.
  4. Following the family assessment, DCFS will provide the parent with a written verification form and will assist in completing the petition.
  5. Call Stephenie Hooker of the Kitsap County Juvenile Department at 337-5448 for an appointment to assist in the filing of the petition.

A petition may not be filed if a dependency action is pending under RCW 13.34.

Counsel: Upon filing, an attorney will be appointed for the child. (The parents are not entitled to court-appointed counsel, but may retain private counsel.)

Fact-Finding Hearing: A fact-finding hearing will be set within three (3) judicial days.  However, the matter will proceed only after the child is served with proper notice of the proceeding.

At the fact-finding hearing, the petition shall be granted if: 

a. The court finds the allegations in the petition are established by a preponderance of the evidence or,
b. The juvenile admits to the petition.

If the petition is granted, the court will enter an order requiring the child to reside in the home of his or her parent or in a placement approved by the parent.

Dispositional Hearing: A dispositional hearing is set fourteen (14) days after the petition is granted.  At this point, the court will and/or may: 

Request an Individual Service Plan (ISP) from DCFS
Set conditions of supervision for the child that include: 
Regular school attendance;

Participation in a substance abuse or mental health outpatient treatment program

Reporting on a regular basis to DCFS or any other designated person or agency; and
Any other condition the court deems appropriate condition of supervision including but not limited to : employment, participation in an anger management program, and refraining from using alcohol or drugs.
Order the parent to participate in counseling services or other services for the child requiring parental participation. (The parents shall be financially responsible for costs related to the court ordered plan.)
Order DCFS to monitor compliance, assist in coordinating court-ordered services, and submit reports for review hearings.


Petition Review: A review will be scheduled within three (3) months of the disposition and again within six (6) months of the first review.

Contempt: (Willful violation of a court order) A motion for contempt may be made by a parent, child, or by any public agency, organization or person having custody of the child under an At-Risk order..

Pick-up Orders/Warrants: Requests may be made for pick-up orders directing law enforcement to take a child into custody and place with the parent or the Division of Children and Family Services, depending on the placement order violated.

A Court Services Officer may file a motion for an order authorizing issuance of a warrant only if:

 There has been a finding of contempt of court
 There is suspended time remaining on the sentence

 It appears the juvenile has violated the conditions of the  

If a warrant is issued, it will be processed like an offender matter, and law enforcement will bring the child to detention when taken into custody.

Any further questions concerning CHINS petition may be directed to: 

DCFS........................... 475-3688
Juvenile Department..... 337-5401
Dee Dunn......... 337-5459
Saeed Saber................ 337-5480
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