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Diversion: Diversion is a program for first-time juvenile offenders who are diverted out of the court system and are held accountable for their criminal behavior as determined by the conditions of a diversion agreement.  After an arrest is made by law enforcement, the case is referred to the prosecuting attorney for review.  If the prosecutor determines the case to be legally sufficient, a decision may be made to refer the matter to diversion.  A diversion unit or board, made up of case monitors and volunteers, determines the terms and conditions of the diversion agreement, including community service work, fines, restitution, educational classes, counseling or treatment. 

Intake: The intake probation officer is responsible for interviewing, evaluating and assessing the youth and family to determine family, school and social history, risk to the community, and a viable case plan. Intake is also responsible for reporting pertinent information and a professional conclusions to the court.

Supervision: The supervision probation officer is responsible for monitoring the court order to ensure compliance by the youth while under community supervision. In an effort to develop an appropriate case plan, the probation officer administers a risk assessment to identify the areas that place the youth at risk to re-offend. The youth’s strengths are also identified to use in case planning. Regular contact is made with the youth, family, schools, and treatment providers as needed to monitor progress. Other responsibilities of the probation officer include crisis intervention, evaluation and treatment referrals, participation in professional staffings, and assessing critical needs of the family to determine possible placement and disposition.

The probation officer has an array of resources available to assist youth, including the risk assessment, individual and family counseling, crisis intervention, and drug/ evaluation and treatment. All are used to support the goal of community supervision, which is to keep youth at home, in school and out of the legal system.

Youth are required to meet the terms of community supervision as set by the court. If a youth ignores or violates the terms of the court order, the probation officer will schedule the matter before the court for a review of the conditions of community supervision. If the court determines a youth is in violation of the court order, the probation officer is responsible for providing a recommendation as to the appropriate action to be taken by the court. The court could order additional community service, detain the youth up to thirty days and/or require the youth to participate in counseling, treatment or other appropriate interventions. In any event, the youth’s behavior while on community supervision becomes the factor in determining when new concerns are brought before the court. 

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