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Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternatives - CDDA

CDDA is a disposition alternative for juvenile offenders who are chemically dependent or substance abusing. Committable youth receive a suspended sentence and one year of community supervision and drug and alcohol treatment. Local sanction youth receive up to one year of community supervision and drug and alcohol treatment.

This program intends to provide a combination of treatment and supervision for an extended period of time. It is expected that the up to one-year duration of both supervision and treatment will increase the likelihood that the youth will remain substance free and not reoffend. Treatment includes group therapy, life skills training, individual counseling, narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous, monitored abstinence (urinalysis), cognitive-behavioral therapy, family counseling, and individual and family chemical dependency education.

Special Sex Offender Disposition Alternative (SSODA)

SSODA is a disposition alternative for first-time sex offenders. The program allows the juvenile court to suspend a term of confinement and impose at least 24 months of community supervision and require sex offender specific treatment. The program intends to provide community-based services that prevent further offending.

Prior to disposition of a sex offense, an assessment is done by a certified sex offender therapist to determine amenability to treatment and risk to the community. The SSODA probation officer conducts a pre-sentence investigation and makes a recommendation to the court as to the appropriate disposition. If the court determines that SSODA is appropriate, the court imposes a determinate disposition within the standard range for the offense, suspends the disposition and places the offender on community supervision for two years.

Treatment consists of a combination of services identified in the assessment deemed most effective for the youth and necessary to maintain community safety. Treatment includes individual, group, and family counseling. The probation officer has departmental and community resources available to assist SSODA youth. Resources include polygraphs, drug/alcohol evaluation and treatment, mental health counseling, and crisis intervention.

The probation officer tracks and documents each SSODA youth to ensure compliance with all court orders. It is the responsibility of the probation officer to report violations of the court order to the court. After a fact-finding hearing, if the court determines that a SSODA youth has violated a court order, the court may revoke the SSODA disposition and commit the youth to a state institution.  

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