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A safe, permanent home isn't something a child should only dream about.

Three smiling children.   Almost half a million children in the United States live in foster care, meant to be a temporary haven. They have been removed from their homes, not because they did anything wrong, but because they've been abused or neglected. It's frightening and confusing for these children to suddenly find themselves in the complex world of social workers, attorneys and judges, people who have the power to decide where they will live and whether they will go home or be freed for adoption. Sometimes, these children can spend years in foster care, waiting for those decisions to be made. With overburdened caseloads, a social worker may not have the time to give the thorough attention these children deserve. They may simply not have the time to listen.
   One judge had an idea to help these children find a way into safe, permanent homes more quickly. His idea was: CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates
   Trained volunteers who would be appointed by a judge to speak up for the best interests of a child. Now, there are approximately 52,000 CASA volunteers helping abused and neglected children all across the country. But 3/4 of the children who need a CASA don't have one. You can help those girls and boys have a voice in court and a chance at a future. Become a
CASA Volunteer!  

For more information about becoming a volunteer, call 360-337-5484
or email casainfo@co.kitsap.wa.us
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