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The Mosquito Fleet Trail

Bringing the past to life...

From the beginning of settlement in the Puget Sound Region over 150 years ago, the most efficient and effective way to move from one area to another was by boat.  Early settlers depended on the small steamers that buzzed around Puget Sound quickly and regularly for commerce and transportation.

As population and commerce increased, the need for a larger, more organized water-borne transportation system became evident.  Moving passengers as well as freight, the system became known as the "Mosquito Fleet".

There are over 40 historic Mosquito Fleet ports along Kitsap County's 228 miles of Puget Sound shoreline.  Each port has a unique history and preserves a rich community heritage.  Kitsap County Board of Commissioners, working with the mayors of the incorporated cities, other agencies and other interested organizations is seeking to preserve and enrich the Mosquito Fleet history.

Kitsap County, rich in maritime history and diverse culturesPoints of interest along the trail highlight environmental features, have historical significance, and provide cultural and educational value.

Mosquito Fleet Historical Monuments

The Mosquito Fleet Trail Plan was first conceived following the completion of the 1996 Kitsap County Greenways Plan. It was made a high priority in the 2001 Bicycle Facilities Plan. The Mosquito Fleet Trail is a proposed network of designated roads and bicycle and pedestrian paths that connect historic Mosquito Fleet sites from Kingston to Southworth, including Bainbridge Island.

Shortly after the route designation, a project team of students in “Leadership Kitsap” - a program to identify and train potential volunteer leaders of our county - approached the Kitsap Board of County Commissioners with a project to place historical monuments at three locations that highlight Mosquito Fleet history at those sites. The idea was embraced by the County Commissioners and work the team began working on the project. Leadership Kitsap projects typically last a year. For this project a five-person team worked two years developing the monument idea. They partnered with local organizations including the Kitsap County Historical Society, government agencies and many community groups and several individuals to design, fabricate and install makers.

Since then monuments were placed on seven waterfront locations in Port Orchard, Bremerton, Annapolis, Manchester, Illahee, Kingston and Bainbridge Island. There are over 40 historic Mosquito Fleet sites and the initial project was a launch pad for future efforts and monuments. Recently another monument was placed at the Harper Dock following the completion of another half-mile of the Mosquito Fleet Trail along Southworth Drive. Two others, in South Colby and Olalla, are planned for the future.

Complete Trail Map

News along the trail: construction in South Kitsap will provide a missing link for a critical half-mile link.  Current status has been updated. 

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Updated:  June 08, 2017
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