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The Stewardship Forester will provide professional forestry expertise to manage and develop the forest stewardship plans for the long term benefit and conservation of County-owned forest resource lands. 
Forest Stewardship Policy 
Research conducted by USDA, on the ecological foundations of biodiversity, support the promotion of habitat complexity in second, third and fourth growth forests.  Studies conclude that conifers with rapid growth in the first 50-80 years of life have a better chance of living to become old-growth (200+ year old) trees.

Forests owned by Kitsap County are currently not managed for health, safety, and habitat and ecosystem complexity/diversity. The proposed Forest Stewardship Plan is to manage County forests to create heterogeneity in ecosystem structure, composition and function that recreates the natural variability in forest conditions and processes that existed prior to settlement in the 1860’s. 

Emphasis will be on a wider variety of forest attributes, or ecotypes, rather than tree-focused stand prescriptions historically used in forest silviculture.  Ecotypes will represent larger functional groups of ecologically similar species; thereby reducing the number forest attributes that need attention.  Wood production is not the emphasis, rather healthy diverse forests that provide high quality habitat, clean water and other ecosystem benefits is the intent. 

County forests will be managed as complex adaptive systems.  A wider variety of stand structures and compositional possibilities will be featured at multiple spatial scales.   Sampling, planning and prescriptions will focus on both heterogeneity and overall stand averages.

Silvicultural treatments will re-create the variability of natural disturbance, both within and among stands, to allow the forest adapt to changing conditions.  Multi-aged forests and variability in canopy conditions will promote canopy structure, tree growth and provide diverse wildlife habitat.

Ecosystem management techniques will be applied including variable density thinning, variable retention harvesting to achieve complexity in County forests. Revenue generated annually from light thinning harvests is projected to cover the direct and indirect costs of plan implementation and management.
The forest areas within Kitsap County Parks host environments for mushrooms which are shared between humans and wildlife. Mushrooms are consumed by deer, bear, small mammals, and mollusks. Some rodents rely on mushrooms for a significant part of their food supply and are, in turn, primary prey for larger species such as owls, hawks and eagles. Preserving the diversity of mushrooms in our local forest ecosystems is essential to Kitsap County natural parks.

To maintain a balance between humans and wildlife, the Parks Department will follow guidelines established by the US Forest Service for incidental removal of mushrooms for personal use. No permit is required for incidental removal of mushrooms to gather an amount for a meal. Daily limit for personal use is one gallon. Harvested chanterelle mushrooms must have a cap diameter of one inch or more. Gatherers are reminded to stay on trails and inner roadways as many are surrounded by sensitive ecosystems.

There are just as many poisonous mushrooms as there are delicious species of mushrooms. Use caution when picking mushrooms. Use guidebooks and pamphlets for identification.

Proper harvesting techniques provide the best possible recovery of mushrooms sites year after year. Mushrooms stems are to be cut at or above ground level, keeping the growing site as undisturbed as possible. Use only a knife or scissors to harvest mushrooms.

Kitsap County does not permit commercial harvesting of any products in County Parks.
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