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Anderson Point County Park Closure Updates
SE Millihanna Road, Olalla
Above are pictures of the damage
April 17th Updates
Drainage work to reduce or eliminate further storm water runoff within the park is 80% completed. Tasks include installing five (5) culverts, improving ditches, installing outfall sleeves on cross pipes, and water bars at the top of the trail. Construction of the safety fencing within the restoration area has been completed. Parks staff received quote for the possible, future expansion of the parking lot.

Temporary construction easements have been granted for the preliminary road grading and drainage work. Improvements to Millihanna Road will be phased through the year, contingent upon weather conditions. Completion of the work is expected to require the temporary closure of Millihanna Road (and also the Park), but the work will be scheduled to minimize closures.

Once the park is opened, public use of the road will be limited to daytime use only, consistent with Parks Department standard practice. Kitsap County Parks Department will assume responsibility for operation and maintenance of the gate off Banner Road. The opening and closing of the gate will correspond with park hours.
October 2014 - Anderson Point Embankment Repair Project – Contract Award - The Board of County Commissioners expedited the award of the Anderson Point County Park construction contract for the repair of the embankment. The timing of the award provided nearly an extra week head start and allowed for the department to issue a letter to proceed to Sealevel Bulkhead Builders, Inc., of Poulsbo which was provided October 1st.

April 11, 2014 Final Geotechnical Report
Click Here for the report prepared by N.L. Olson & Assoc

March 5, 2014 Draft Report #2
Click Here for the revised draft report, prepared by N.L. Olson, addressing Anderson Point County Park. The draft has been under review by Parks, DCD, and Public Works staff. Questions have been raised about construction logistics. A final report is anticipated by mid-March.

January 22, 2014 Draft Report # 1
The draft (#1) of the Anderson Point County Park Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Report prepared by N. L. Olson and Associates is available here. Please note that this is a draft report which is being reviewed by County staff. The subsequent final report will be also be posted at this site. After review and acceptance of the report Parks Department staff will provide updates to project scope, permit and contract timetables. 

January 14, 2014 N.L. Olson & Associates has provided an Executive Summary of their findings at Anderson Point Park. The firm’s full report is expected to be delivered to the Parks Department shortly. Once reviewed, the report will be linked to this page.

November 18, 2013 Anderson Point County Park Closure
The 66 acre park site off Millihanna Road, was closed due to landslides and washouts created by the severe storms of late 2010. The site is well known to walkers, and provides access to a saltwater beach, and, historically, has experienced interior road washouts. Since late 2010, Kitsap County has been unable secure funding from outside sources such as FEMA and Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office to offset projected costs to repair the areas and stabilize the land.

Kitsap County hosted a community meeting on November 7 to present details of the closure of Anderson Point Park. Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido and County Park officials attended to hear comments, answer questions, and present an update to the scope of repairs that are necessary to re-open the park.

Kitsap County has retained N.L. Olson & Associates, Port Orchard, to provide geotechnical engineering services at Anderson Point County Park in Olalla. The services will include a geotech report, securing a drilling subcontractor, laboratory analysis, and a recommendation report for slide repair, minor road improvements in areas piping was observed during a recent field visit, and delineation of surface runoff areas. The drilling subcontractor is schedule to be at the site December 4, 2013.

This page will be used to provide updates on the status of the geotechnical assessments and updates associated with the park. Geotech recommendations and reports will be linked to this page as well. The matrix represents the written public comments provided at the November 7th meeting. Public comments will continue to be received at . The matrix will be updated weekly.  

Click here for updates of the matrix - last updated January 15, 2014

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