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***Kitsap County Parks do not charge an entrance fee***
This July, show your community how they can discover their super powers at their local parks and rec. They can get fit, learn new abilities and make super new friends. Captain Community, the Green Guardian and the Fit Twins—the Park and Rec Brigade—will show everyone how park and recreation agencies improve lives through health and wellness, conservation and social equity.

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Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. This July, we want everyone going outside and enjoying their parks in their communities.
Come celebrate Parks & Recreation Month by volunteering on one of several projects in your Kitsap County Parks. Contact Lori Raymaker for project locations and dates. Lori can be reached at 360.337-5372 or at
President Obama unveiled an ambitious plan to encourage every fourth-grader in the U.S. to visit a park during the 2016 school year. We think at the Kitsap County Parks Department every kid should go out and explore the parks.

Click Here to check out Kitsap County Parks, our parks do not charge an entrance fee.
- information taken from the National Recreation and Park Association website

Parks have power — economic, health, environmental power and more. Fact is, we believe, parks are the most powerful aspect of every community. This is the main message in the new “Power of Parks". Click here for more information regarding the power of parks.

  • Economic - Proximity to parks dictates property value
  • Employment - Physical fitness and parks and recreation majors have low unemployment
  • Environmental - Parks protect and conserve biodiversity while keeping our air and water clean
  • Health - Access to parks and recreation facilities aids in the control of obesity, boosts the immune system, diminishes the risk of disease, and increases life expectancy
  • Community - Parks help build and strengthen community ties and bring diverse populations together
  • Safety - Well-planned and well-maintained parks can increase public safety
- information taken from the National Recreation and Park Association website
The National Recreation and Park Association is working with PBS KIDS and PBS stations across the country to promote PBS KIDS Explore the Outdoors in April.

The program encourages children (ages 2 to 6 years old) and families to get outdoors and spend more time at their local park. Connecting children with nature is important to their mental, physical and emotional development. Children who spend time outdoors do better in science, get more physical exercise and grow-up to be environmental stewards. Research led by environmental psychologist Nancy Wells show that children with more exposure to nature have reduced stress levels and longer attention spans.  

***For more info and to find fun activities to do with the whole family CLICK HERE***
The following articles were taken from the National Recreation and Park Association.

A Walking Revolution
The next big health care breakthrough is simple, free, enjoyable, and not a magic pill—it is walking! Recently the collaborative organization Everybody Walk! developed a report about the benefits of walking and walkability for health, business, community, and the environment. Parks and recreation should take note that the report indicates US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA will be issuing a "Call to Action on Walking," aimed to help Americans improve health by walking more. Continue to be a leader in your community for walking and health and for more inspiration, check out the 13 ways you can get people moving in 2013 at the end of the report.

Parks are Good for your Brain!
The scientific evidence continues to mount affirming all of our beliefs that parks and recreation are essential for good health. The latest scientific backing is from The British Journal of Sports Medicine. A recent article from the New York Times discusses the study that concludes images of green spaces and walking through green, leafy parks helps to relieve brain fatigue. Researchers monitored the cognitive impacts on a group of young adults walking through various settings and found that while traveling through the park, the walkers were mentally quieter. For more context, pair this research with NRPA’s research on parks and green space as part of a healthy habitat. Share this powerful evidence with your community to demonstrate your leadership in health and wellness!
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