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Pet LicensingCat and Dog Picture

As you may have heard, pet licensing services were transferred from the Humane Society to Kitsap County. During this transition, we worked together to transfer your pet’s information from the Humane Society to the County, coordinating procedures between both entities and updating pet owners.

Pet Licensing Updates

Please note:  your canceled check is your receipt and pet tags are now permanent.

The tags listed on the renewal postcard for your pet are permanent-life tags. The tag number connects your pet to you in the pet licensing database. This link assures your pet will be reunited with you if it should stray or become lost. Replacement tags are available upon request.

Pet Owners who reside in Kitsap County Cities
Kitsap County only processes pet licenses for residents that live in unincorporated Kitsap County.  If you live in Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Poulsbo, or Port Orchard, please contact your city for pet licensing information.

Please check your local city ordinance to determine licensing requirements within your city.

2014 Pet Licensing Fee Schedule     Resolution 185-2013 & Ordinance 510-2013
Animal Type Fee -
1 Year
Fee -
3 Year
Fee -
Dog Spayed/neutered w/microchip $10 $20 $40
Dog Spayed/neutered w/out microchip $25 $50 N/A
Dog Not spayed/neutered w/microchip $50 $100 $200
Dog Not spayed/neutered w/out microchip $60 $120 N/A
Cat Spayed/neutered w/microchip $5 $10 $20
Cat Spayed/neutered w/out microchip $20 $40 N/A
Cat Not spayed/neutered w/microchip $40 $80 $160
Cat Not spayed/neutered w/out microchip $50 $100 N/A
Dog Service Dog No Fee No Fee No Fee
  Spay Neuter Donation (OPTIONAL) $5 $5 $5
License Type Fee
Commercial Pet Facility $150 + $50 if not renewed by renewal date
Pet Shop $50
Grooming Parlor $50 + $50 if not renewed by renewal date
$0 if included in a commercial pet facility or pet shop
Animal Welfare Facility $0 + $50 if not renewed by renewal date
Hobbyist $75 + $50 if not renewed by renewal date
Enthusiast $0 +$50 if not renewed by renewal date
Questions & Answers:

Q:  How do I get an application?
A:  See application below

Q:  Do I have to license my juvenile pet?
A:  No, juvenile pets are no longer required to be licensed.(With the exception of Commercial License, Hobbyist License)

Q:  Do I have to provide proof that my pet has been spayed or neutered?
A:  No, the declaration on the application is sufficient.

Q:  What do I do if my pet is deceased?
A:  Email:, or
Phone:  360.337.4440
Provide the following information:
     1.  Owner Name
     2.  Pet Name
     3.  Tag #

Q:  What do I do if I lost my renewal postcard?
A:  Print out the Pet License Renewal form, fill it out, and mail in with your payment.

Q:  How do I return my application or renewal?
A:  Send applications and renewals to:

By Mail:
Kitsap County Pet Licensing
614 Division Street, MS-45
Port Orchard, WA  98366-4682

Office of the Kitsap County Auditor
Kitsap County Administration Building, 2nd Floor
619 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA  98366-4682

Q:  Who do I contact about the status of my pet application renewal, or any other general questions?
A:  Please contact Kitsap County Auditor’s Office at:

Phone:   360.337.4440

Pet Licensing Forms

Pet License Application

Pet License Renewal

Commercial, Animal Welfare, Pet Shop, Grooming Parlor Application

Commercial, Animal Welfare, Pet Shop, Grooming Parlor Renewal

Hobbyist Application

Hobbyist Renewal

Enthusiast Application

Enthusiast Renewal