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October 31. 2005
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County Commissioners Encourage BHA to Involve KCCHA

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Concern about public oversight was one of the reasons that the Kitsap County Commissioners have declined to endorse a proposal from Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) to purchase an apartment complex in Central Kitsap for Westpark replacement housing.

In early October, BHA signed a purchase and sales agreement for a 210-unit apartment complex in the Ridgetop neighborhood in Silverdale. Since state law prevents BHA from buying or operating properties outside their territorial boundaries without approval by the county, BHA requested that the county commissioners approve the purchase.

“The citizens of Kitsap County have no oversight over the Bremerton Housing Authority,” said Central Kitsap Commissioner Patty Lent, explaining the board’s decision. “As county commissioners, we are responsible and accountable to the citizens countywide. If the BHA purchase had been allowed to go forward, we would not have been able to address any citizen concerns that may have arisen.” Lent’s district includes the Silverdale area, where the property is located.

In addition to the oversight issue, the commissioners noted that under state law, there must be a “need” for BHA to function outside its territorial boundaries.

“The Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority is the agency that coordinates housing needs throughout Kitsap, including the Silverdale area,” said Commissioner Chris Endresen.

In a letter to the BHA, the county commissioners suggested that BHA involve the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority (KCCHA)—the body that is responsible for low-income housing county-wide—in any agreement regarding relocation of low-income housing outside of Bremerton.

All three of the county commissioners, as well as the mayors of Bainbridge Island, Port Orchard and Poulsbo, sit on the KCCHA board.

“We have oversight over KCCHA’s activities, as well as quality control,” said Commissioner Jan Angel. “We are hopeful BHA will work with KCCHA for the betterment of our citizens.

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