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November 15, 2005
Joseph Coppo, Parks Planner, Facilities, Parks and Recreation
Phone: 360-337-5355
No. 05-21

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Planners Seek Updated Information
New Randomized Survey Sent to 4,000 Households

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Parks planners for the Kitsap County Department of Facilities, Parks and Recreation have started a process to update the county's Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan. As part of this update, the county will contact 4,000 citizens by mail this week, asking them to complete a 15-minute survey and return it no later than December 9, 2005.

The survey is being conducted by Edge Communications, a South Kitsap citizen involvement consultancy, and utilizes a scientifically selected, randomized list. Edge will translate the responses of this representative group of survey takers into data compiled countywide and by district to compare findings with those findings collected by the county in June 2000 and with other pertinent survey information collected. Citizens can review the county findings when they are presented to the public at a meeting slated for January 2006.

Parks planners, working with the County Park and Recreation Advisory Board, will use survey responses, together with input from public meetings and inventories of existing county managed open space, park and recreation facilities, to identify park and recreation needs throughout the county. Once needs have been identified, staff will outline a six-year plan to meet those needs. The plan will be put before the Board of County Commissioners for their approval later in the year.

Once completed, the update to the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan will serve as a long-range planning document that articulates a twenty-year vision for the county park and open space system and establishes the future direction and priorities for Kitsap facilities and parks for the next six years. In addition, the plan will establish policies for future land acquisition and development and set into motion implementation plans for fulfilling its recommendations. The plan also qualifies Kitsap County to apply for state and federal grants related to parks and open space.

The plan was last updated in 2000, and first adopted in June of 1994. To view the current 2000 version of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan, click here.

For details about the survey, contact Terrie Battuello, Edge Communications, at 360-536-2984. To learn more about the update to the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan, contact Joseph Coppo, Parks Planner, at 360-337-5355.

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