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Date: November 21, 2005
Contact: Jan Koske, Volunteer Services Coordinator
Phone: (360) 337-4650
No. 05-24

Volunteers Recruited to Address Raceway Livability Questions

PORT ORCHARD, WA—The Kitsap Board of County Commissioners have authorized County Administrator Cris Gears to recruit a citizen task force to draft a report to the community answering quality-of-life questions about the potential of International Speedway Corporation (ISC) building a raceway in Kitsap County. The task force will begin its work in January.

“ ‘Livability’ and ‘quality of life’ are highly subjective terms,” said Gears. “Through citizen-to-citizen dialog, we feel we can best assess the real-life impacts on those who live with a raceway in their communities. The focus of this task force will be to talk to randomly selected people living in racetrack communities to learn about how those facilities impact their lives. We are looking for a grass-roots group of a dozen people who represent a diverse cross-section of the Kitsap community to help us with this assessment,” said Gears.

Interested citizens must be residents of Kitsap County and undecided about whether a racetrack would be appropriate for Kitsap County. “This group must have an open mind about the outcome,” Gears explained. “A fair and unbiased process will provide the best information for our community.”

Citizens need not have any planning or technical background, but they must be available from January 10 to mid-February for weekly meetings, which will likely take place in late afternoon. Participants will be selected from all geographic regions of the county, including representatives from each of the county’s incorporated cities.

Task force members will participate in telephone interviews with citizens randomly selected from racetrack communities. They will consider questions generated from input received by the county thus far, questions from the county commissioners and questions generated by the task force itself. A summary of the information will be presented to the public at the end of the process. 

Research, facilitation and report preparation will be coordinated by Terrie Battuello of Edge Communications, a public and government relations firm.

Citizens interested in being considered for the task force should contact Jan Koske, Kitsap County Volunteer Coordinator, at 360-337-4650 or by December 13, 2005.

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