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Kitsap County News Releases 2005
12/12/05 Kitsap County Supports Port of Kingston Commission
12/12/05 Seeking Citizens Interested in Serving on Central Kitsap Community Council
12/7/05 County Settles Kass Funeral Home Lawsuit
12/7/05 Citizens Sought for County Art Board
12/07/05 Commissioners Seeking Council for Human Rights Applicants
11/29/05 County Meets United Way Goal
11/23/05 Local Board Seeks Funding to Jump-Start Fire Prevention Education Program
11/23/05 County Hosts Camp Chill! Winter Break Day Camp
11/23/05 Lighted Display Festival "Holidazzles"
11/21/05 Volunteers Recruited to Address Raceway Livability Questions
11/21/05 Commissioners Hold Final Public Hearing to Decide on Critical Areas Ordinance
11/17/05 Grocery Retailers Asked to Examine Tobacco and Alcohol Marketing and Merchandising
11/15/05 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Planners Seek Updated Information
11/14/05 Commissioners Repeal Rural Wooded Incentive Program
11/10/05 Planning Commission to Review North Kitsap Sub-Area Plans for Suquamish and Kingston
11/10/05 County Courthouse Display Celebrates GIS Day  
11/07/05 Jennifer James and Raymond Reyes Keynote Speakers at Annual Human Rights Conference
10/31/05 County Commissioners Encourage BHA to Involve KCCHA
10/28/05 Interested Citizens Sought for Park and Recreation Advisory Board
10/27/05 County Commissioners Briefed on Critical Areas Ordinance
10/24/05 County Commissioners Revving Up for NASCAR
10/24/05 Commissioner Endresen Seeking Citizens Interested In Art Board
10/20/05 County Announces Community Open House on Silverdale
Sub-Area Planning Process
10/17/05 Register Now! 15th Annual Kitsap County Human Rights Conference
10/17/05 Seeking Entertainment Director Applications
10/11/05 CENCOM Dispatcher to Meet Parents of Baby Delivered at Park-and-Ride
10/06/05 County Hosts Halloween Family Fun Night and Haunted Barn
10/05/05 Kitsap County Watershed Mini-Grant Awards Available
10/05/05 REACH for Success Parent's Fair Coming October 13
10/04/05 Commissioners Seeking Council for Human Rights Applicants
10/05/05 County Hosts Presentation on Law, Civil Rights, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
10/04/05 Human Rights Wall of Fame Nominees Sought
9/19/05 Agencies Sought For Funding of Projects From Lodging Tax
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