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Date: January 17, 2006
Contact: Mike Wikstrom
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No. 06-02

Assessor's Office Unveils Personal Property Online Filing System

PORT ORCHARD, WA—This month, the Kitsap County Assessor’s Office debuts a new Personal Property Online Filing System, accessible through the county web site. The system will enable business owners to submit personal property filings online instead of through the mail.

Businesses are required to report the purchase prices of all their equipment every year. Updated listings are due to the Assessor annually by April 30 so that market values can be calculated and property taxes applied for the following year.

The online system will be more convenient and efficient for both taxpayers and the county, reducing cost and paperwork. Taxpayers will be able to access and update their information by logging in to the secure Personal Property Online Filing System. The Assessor’s Office will then be able to review the electronically submitted information and easily update their database.

“I’m pretty sure we will be the first municipality in Washington State to achieve this major breakthrough,” said Jim Avery, County Assessor. “Taxpayers benefit from using a simple, Web-based process, and we save a whole lot of processing time in updating our database.”

Online filing was made possible in 2004 when the legislature allowed assessors to accept unsigned personal property listings. The Assessor’s Office and Kitsap County Information Services have been developing the Personal Property Online Filing System for the past year.


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