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Date: December 19, 2006
Contact: Michaell Barth, M.C.P., Building Official
Phone: (360) 337-4968
No. 06-107

Emergency Same-Day Permits Available for Storm Victims

PORT ORCHARD, WA—The Kitsap County Department of Community Development (DCD) has implemented same-day permitting services for homes damaged by the December 2006 windstorms. Numerous buildings have been damaged by falling trees and limbs, and many have suffered subsequent water damage.

“By providing same-day permits, we hope that homeowners and businesses are able to begin repairs immediately so that they can safely restore their buildings and return to normal life more quickly,” said Building Official Michael Barth. “DCD recognizes the needs of our citizens in this difficult time, and we want to do everything we can to ensure repairs are made to buildings in Kitsap County to protect and promote human life safety.”

Repairs of superficial damage, such as damage to shingles, siding or gutters are exempt from permits. Any repairs made to roof sheathing or any structural member, such as a roof truss, rafter or wall framing, do require repair permits and subsequent repair inspections.

The DCD Permit Center is located on the second floor of the county’s new Administration building located at 619 Division Street, across from the County Courthouse in Port Orchard. The same-day, over-the-counter, emergency damage repair permits may be obtained any time between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Building plans examiners will also be available to answer questions people may have regarding their repairs. Property owners or licensed contractors should be prepared with their address, tax parcel ID number, a full description of the damage, how the repairs will be made and a vicinity map showing how to get to the building. Photos of the damage, although not required, would also be helpful.

"I praise our group of dedicated employees in their pursuit to help our neighbors in this time of need," concluded Assistant Director Jeff Rowe-Hornbaker, who manages the permitting staff.

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