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Date: April 13, 2006
Contact: PJ Callahan
Phone: (360) 337-4481
No. 06-29

County Collaborates with Fire Districts
for Long-Term Strategic Plan

PORT ORCHARD, WAŚOn April 13, 2006, almost 30 officials from Kitsap County and the six county fire districts met at Island Lake Community Center to talk about how to collaborate strategically to provide fire prevention services throughout the county.

"Our goal in coming together today was to collaborate so the county and the fire districts can work together in an efficient and effective manner," said Ken Burdette, Fire Chief for Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue and President of the Kitsap County Fire Chiefs Association. "Cooperative relations will result in efficient operations for everyone in the county and provide effective fire prevention services for the citizens of Kitsap County."

Based on the meeting, a short, meaningful list of specific actions was agreed upon by the county's Community Development department, Sheriff's Office and the six fire districts.

The first priority the group agreed upon was to begin the process to hire a new fire marshal. The county is expected to fully engage the fire districts to assist county staff in formulating a job description that will draw the best qualified candidates to fill the position. All of the fire districts agreed that the fire marshal's position should be kept in county government.

Second, the group agreed on a long-term plan for a designated task force to conduct fire investigations throughout the county. Members of this task force will include the fire districts, fire marshal and Sheriff's Office. Fire investigations determine the cause and origin of a fire and can result in criminal charges if arson is involved.

Third, the group agreed to collaborate to efficiently and effectively provide annual fire prevention inspections throughout the county. Members of a separate task force will include the fire districts, Fire Marshal's Office and county Department of Community Development. 

Last, the group agreed to a standardized plan review process that will involve the fire districts, Fire Marshal's Office and Community Development.

"We are grateful to be working in partnership with all of the fire districts in a productive, solution-oriented partnership," said Cris Gears, County Administrator. "I am pleased we were able to work together strategically to improve the efficiency of our county fire inspection and permitting processes."

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