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Date: April 21, 2006
Contact: PJ Callahan
Phone: (360) 337-4481
No. 06-31

Kitsap Celebrates National County Government Week April 23-29, 2006

PORT ORCHARD, WAŚNext week Kitsap County will celebrate National County Government Week, sponsored by the National Association of Counties, by publishing an Annual Report to Our Citizens. Over 100,000 copies of the 24-page report will be distributed to the citizens of Kitsap County via our local daily and bi-weekly newspapers. National County Government Week is held annually to raise public awareness about the roles and responsibilities of counties.

"National County Government Week is an ideal opportunity to explain how Kitsap County works and highlight the many services that we provide," said Jan Angel, chair of the board and District 2 Commissioner.

Citizens invest in county programs and services through sales taxes, property taxes and more. Once this revenue is collected, the county allocates resources to programs and services based on citizen input.

"The final step of this equation is for us to report back to you how we are doing," said Patty Lent, District 3 Commissioner. "This report demonstrates our fiscal responsibility and focuses on all our core functions."

Each page of the report highlights a county department or office. Both quantitative and qualitative information has been included in a "What we did in 2005" format to help citizens measure the county's performance. The report also provides information on how the county is making government more efficient, accessible and effective through collaboration, innovation and technology.

Lastly, the report provides more details about how Kitsap County spent your investment on programs and services in 2005.

"By providing you with this 'snapshot,' we hope you will better understand how we are investing your dollars in our community to improve Kitsap County for all citizens," concluded Chris Endresen, District 1 Commissioner.

View the 2005 Annual Report (PDF)

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