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Date: April 21, 2006
Contact: Maxine Schoales
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No. 06-33

Personal Property Filing Deadline April 30

PORT ORCHARD, WAŚAs required by Washington State law, all business owners must file their personal property listings with the Kitsap County assessor by April 30 to avoid penalty. This is an annual requirement of every sole proprietorship, corporation, association, partnership, trust or estate operating a business in Kitsap County.

The assessor uses the information reported to update existing accounts or establish new ones and determine the assessed value of the personal property applicable to each business. Shortly following receipt, the owner will be notified by mail of the established value. This value will be the basis for personal property taxes to be paid in 2007.

All items used to operate a business are considered "personal property," including, but not limited to, office furniture and equipment, computers, software, store equipment and fixtures, manufacturing equipment, signs, communication equipment, professional libraries, rental videos, farm machinery and small tools.

If an account has already been established, this reporting can be done online, accessible through the county website at The online system is fast and efficient for both taxpayers and the county, reducing cost and paperwork. As of April 19, 395 businesses have filed online using the new system. Kitsap is the first county in Washington to provide this service.

If a listing (to be updated) was not received in January, one can be obtained from the assessor's website or office. Business owners are responsible for filing even if a listing was not received. Failure to file will result in monetary penalty.

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