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Date: June 26, 2006
Contact: Rob Gudmundson
Phone: (360) 337-4484
No. 06-47

County Reaches Tentative Agreement with Deputy Sheriff's Guild

PORT ORCHARD, WAŚKitsap County and the Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff's Guild have reached a tentative agreement on a two-year collective bargaining agreement covering 2006 and 2007. The Guild is expected to ratify the agreement by vote next week. If approved by the members of the Guild, the settlement will be submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for their consideration and approval in mid-July.

Sheriff Steve Boyer said, "I am pleased we were able to reach an agreement with the Deputy's Guild. These men and women are on the front lines working hard for our citizens every day in an extremely stressful job. It is important that they are able to focus on their jobs at hand and work together as a team."

A copy of the recommended settlement will be available for review after the Guild has had an opportunity to meet with its members and explain the settlement.


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