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Date: July 6, 2006
Contact: Jim Avery
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Change-of-Value Notices to Be Mailed July 7

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Over 100,000 change-of-value notices will be mailed to Kitsap County real property owners on Friday, July 7, 2006. Assessed values shown on these notices will be the basis for property taxes payable in 2007. As with the past two years, dramatic increases from the previous year’s assessed value will be the norm, due to sharp increases in market values. Countywide assessed value, not counting new construction, has increased by 21%. However, property owners should not conclude that higher real estate values will result in higher property taxes next year.

"Unless voters choose otherwise, taxing districts are currently limited to a 1% increase in the total amount they can collect each year from all their district taxpayers." said Jim Avery, County Assessor. "Because assessed values have risen so dramatically of late, levy rates have fallen equally as dramatically. Most Kitsap taxpayers will pay less than $10 per thousand dollars of assessed value next year."

So far this year, voters in the following taxing districts have approved tax increases in excess of the 1% for their 2007 property taxes:

  • Bremerton School District (O&M levy)—25%

  • Bainbridge Island School District (O&M levy)—6%

  • Bainbridge Island School District (new technology levy)—$1,525,000

  • Bainbridge Island School District Facility Bond—$45,000,000
    (over 20 years)

  • Central Kitsap School District (O&M levy)—15%

  • North Kitsap School District (O&M levy)—5%

  • South Kitsap School District (O&M levy)—4%

  • South Kitsap Fire and Rescue (levy lid lift)—13%

"It is important for property owners to understand that anything in excess of a 1% increase was voter approved," reminded Avery. "County government is limited to the 1% increase."

Owners in disagreement with the newly reported assessed values should contact the Assessor's Office at 360-337-7160. Appraisers will be standing by to verify property characteristics and discuss appraiser judgments used in the assessor’s valuation model. 

Seniors (61 and older) and those disabled from gainful employment may qualify for significant property tax relief. If they live in their own home and make less than $35,000 annually, the Assessor’s staff will happily assist in the application process.

For more information, please call 360-337-4904, or visit the Assessor’s website:

To contact the Kitsap County Public Information Office, 
call PJ Callahan at 360-337-4481 or email:

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