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Date: December 5, 2006
Contact: Ron McAffee
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CENCOM Offers Winter Driving Tips

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Winter weather leaves Kitsap County 911 operators wondering, “What’s next?” While citizens battle everything from flooding to freezing roads, CENCOM operators keep the help coming.

Increases in weather-related incidents cause a significant increase in calls to Kitsap County’s 911 Center, CENCOM. All the employees at CENCOM do everything they can to get citizens the help they need. During inclement weather events, dispatchers need your help to keep emergency lines open and operators available for “life saving communications.”

Some of the calls received can be better handled by other agencies.

  • For power outages and tree branches leaning into wires that pose no danger (no smoke or visible fire), contact Puget Sound Energy at 888-225-5773.
  • For fallen trees on private property, contact a tree removal service.
  • For road conditions, bridge closures and general road information on state highways (i.e. Wheaton Way/Hwy. 303, Hwy. 305, Hwy. 3, Hwy. 16, Kitsap Way/Hwy. 310, Sedgewick Way/Hwy. 160 or Bond Road/Hwy. 307), contact WSDOT at 511 or 360-874-3050.
  • To report icy roads or roads in need of sanding in unincorporated Kitsap County, contact The Open Line at 360-337-5777.
  • Within city limits, contact Bremerton at 360-473-5920, Bainbridge Island at 206-842-1212, Port Orchard at 360-876-2722 or Poulsbo at 360-779-4078.

If, at any time, there is immediate danger to life or property, then calling CENCOM is appropriate and encouraged. Before calling, be sure you have a good address or nearest intersection. When reporting a vehicle in a ditch, callers should advise the dispatcher if there is anyone with the vehicle or if it is abandoned. Callers should also check for any type of markings or flags on the vehicle. Most local Law Enforcement agencies use some type of flag or marking to alert other responders that the vehicle has already been checked.

“Our dispatchers and call takers worked hard to coordinate emergency response throughout Kitsap County during the recent inclement weather,” said Ron McAffee, Director of CENCOM. “I’m proud of all the hard work and dedication given by all CENCOM employees during the recent increase of calls.”

Remember, the most important thing to CENCOM operators is that callers and responders are safe. Obtain as much information as possible without endangering your self or responders. If you are unsure if a hazard exists, error on the safe side.

To contact the Kitsap County Public Information Office, 
call PJ Callahan at 360-337-4481 or email:

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