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Date: October 29, 2007
Contact: Clarence Moriwaki
Phone: (360) 337-4481
No. 07-74

Kitsap County launches “Property Tax Distribution 101” website

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Thanks to Kitsap County’s new, useful and illustrative “Property Tax Distribution 101” website, with just a few clicks anyone can find out exactly how property taxes are distributed per parcel among the various taxing districts in Kitsap County.

“As we continue to work hard to inform and bring value to the people of Kitsap County, the “Property Tax Distribution 101” website offers a wealth of valuable information in a clear and easy-to-use format,” Board of Commissioners Chair Josh Brown said.

Created in-house by the Kitsap County Information Services Department, the “Property Tax Distribution 101” website features colorful charts that show how property taxes are dispersed among the various taxing districts, including the state of Washington, schools, fire, Kitsap County, ports, library and public utilities. The website also displays charts that show what each tax district (fire, school, library, port, etc.) has received in property taxes over the last five years, and another chart that compares the overall distribution of property taxes.

To view the “Property Tax Distribution 101” website, simply click on the Kitsap County website at and look in the “County Spotlight” box at the top of the home page.

To contact the Kitsap County Public Information Officer, 
call Clarence Moriwaki at 360-337-4481 or email:

Last Updated:  May 27, 2014