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Public Communications (MS-11)
614 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA
Phone: 360.337.4598

Date: June 5, 2008
Contact: Dana Coggon,
Phone: 360-307-4242


Do you ever stand in your garden and wonder what is that weed? How often do you wonder how to control specific plants or multiple problem plants? Ever wonder what that dollar goes for on your taxes? Do you want to see some of the counties’ “worst weeds”? Then attend one of our hands on ID classes presented by the Kitsap County Noxious Weed Control Program. These classes are focused mainly on plant identification and a little on control measures. Make sure to bring your gloves and any other weeds that you might want identified. You have plenty of options for this class and there is normally a location just down the street from you. Stop in for a quick peek or stay for the full time.

June:17 Weed ID Course, Long Lake Com. Center,9am-12pm
June:17 Weed ID Course, K.C. Administration Bldg.,Com. Chambers, 1:30pm-4:30pm,
June:17 Weed ID Course, Givens Com. Center, Cascade Rm., 6pm-7;30pm,
June:18 Weed ID Course, Norm Dicks Gov. Bldg., WSU Conf. #406, 11am-1pm,
June:18 Weed ID Course, K.C. Fairgrounds, Training Rm., 3pm-5pm,
June:18 Weed ID Course, K.C. Fairgrounds, Training Rm., 6pm-7:30pm,
June:19 Weed ID Course, Poulsbo Fire Station, 9am-12pm,
June:19 Weed ID Course, Kingston Com. Center, Kingston Rm, 1:30pm-4:30pm,
June:19 Weed ID Course, Bainbridge Public Library, 6pm-7:30pm,



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