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DATE: 8-11-08
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Kitsap County Completes Land Purchase 
for North Kitsap Park
Purchase completes scope of work for 2004 grant

(Port Orchard, WA) The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners approved a contract July 28, 2008 to purchase a 1.5 acre parcel that will provide additional open space adjacent to the County’s existing waterfront property known as “Norwegian Point Park” in Hansville. The purchase completes the scope of work outlined for the Aquatic Land Enhancement Account grant that was awarded to Kitsap County in 2004.

This site was identified by the Hansville Community and Kitsap County for fifteen years as a desired water access site. Judy Foritano, Chairperson for the Greater Hansville Community Advisory Committee commented, "This acquisition completes Norwegian Point Park and makes a beloved community asset into an exceptional waterfront park for the entire county to enjoy." Ken Shawcroft, President, Hansville Greenway Association is excited by the acquisition. “We're thrilled to add this key piece of land to the park. This purchase makes it possible to realign and restore Finn Creek. The fresh water conservation element is a key piece of the overall vision of the park as the Puget Sound terminus for the Hansville Greenway,” said Shawcroft. The Hansville Greenway is an existing system of public open spaces and overland trails in the area, spanning the Kitsap Peninsula from the Sound to Hood Canal.

The site itself has 540 feet of sandy no-bank waterfront on Puget Sound, and includes three acres of sandy beaches adjacent to tidal lands leased to the County by the Department of Natural Resources for a wide range of water-related uses. The site also includes a former fishing resort, with several buildings that are currently going through historical analysis, informing a master plan process underway at this time.


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