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DATE: 8-13-08
CONTACT: Alison Sonntag
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Passport Application Processing Available at the County Fair

(PORT ORCHARD)—Need a passport? The Kitsap County Clerk's Office will once again have staff available to process passports at the Kitsap County Fair. Clerk’s Office staff will join other county departments in the Kitsap County Booth, located in the main building against the north wall, toward the middle of the row. Passport applications will be processed from 10 AM until 6 PM Wednesday, August 20, through Sunday, August 24. 
According to Dave Peterson, Kitsap County Clerk, "Most people know by now that passports are required for travel by air to and from Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and all other foreign countries. Passports will be required for land and sea travel to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda & the Caribbean as of June 1, 2009.”
Peterson also noted that, “the backlog for passport processing is over. When a person applies for a passport, it should arrive by mail in about 4 weeks. Of course it is still a good idea to apply as early as you can.”
A passport application must be accompanied by an official certified copy (not a hospital record) of the applicant’s birth certificate, photo ID, two new passport photos and the appropriate fees, payable by check or money order. All applicants must be present. Children under 16 must be accompanied by both parents, unless permission of the absent parent is obtained and stated on a signed and notarized form.
Fees are $75 + 25 (separate checks) for each adult and $60 + 25 for each child. For expedited service from the United States Department of State, an additional $60 is required. The Clerk’s Office also offers Passport Cards for those who will only be going to Mexico or Canada by boat or car. Passport Cards are $20 plus $25 for adults and $10 plus $25 for those under 16. The cards are much cheaper, because they are much less useful.
For more information about exactly what is required to obtain a passport, please call the Clerk’s Office at 360-337-7164 (Ext. 6700) or check out the Clerk’s website at


Last Updated:  May 27, 2014